How to update Aadhaar Card online (in 2021)

Most Aadhaar Card holders have some complaint about their wrong Aadhaar details. Someone with the name, someone with the date of birth and address and I am sure, this complaint will be yours as well.

In today’s time, every job, from opening an account in a bank to cooking gas, requires an Aadhaar Card, but many times it happens that the address on our Aadhaar card is from another city.

And if we shift to another city, then we have to face a lot of trouble regarding the address for government work. To remove this problem from you, UIDAI has announced a new service related to changing your home address in Aadhaar. In this service, you can easily change the address from home. Let’s see that How to update Aadhaar Card?

How to change Aadhaar Card online

1. First of all visit UIDAI website

2. Then you will get the tab with My Adhaar.

3. Go to the second tab Udate Your Aadhaar of drop down, click on the third option in your drop down on your address online.

4. Clicking on this will open a new page.

5. Click Proceed to Update Address when you go down here.

6. After this a new page will open.

7. On this page, first enter your Aadhaar number, Captcha verification and click on Send OTP below.

8. Now an OTP will come on your Aadhaar Registered Number.

9. Enter that OTP.

10. After entering it, you have to click on Data Update Request.

11. After this, your address will be changed as soon as you click on the address option.

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