ACB full form

ACB full formAir Circuit Breaker
ACB full form
ACB full form

ACB Full form

The full form of ACB is Air Circuit Breaker. It is a type of circuit breaker that is a utilize compressed air to blow out the arc.

Then It was stopping the faulty current from flowing.

It is a  causing any severe damage. The air circuit breaker is used for industrial application and high current.

What does ACB mean?

ACB is  an Air Circuit Breaker

As you all know the full form of ACB is Air Circuit Breaker and its used in high current and industrial application.

ACB is an American Chartered Bank.

There is one more full form of ACB is American Chartered Bank. and it is used in retail bank in the United States.

ACB is an American Council of the Blind

There is one more full form ACB is  American Council of the Blind.  It used in Organizations, Regional Organizations and Associations. It is an organization in the United States.

ACB is an Asia Commercial Bank

Asia Commercial Bank is  used in Business ,Banking in Vietnam.

ACB is an Antrim County Airport

Antrim County Airport is  used in Transport & Travel. It is a public-use airport which is located in Antrim County, Michigan, United States.

ACB is a Adjusted Cost Base

Adjusted Cost Base is used in Business, Finance in Canada. It is a calculation which is used to determine the cost of an investment for tax purposes.

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Some more full form of ABC

ACB Army Classification Battery
ACB Air Combat Brigade
ACBAmphibious Construction Battalion
ACBAustralian Cricket Board
ACBAthletic Club of Bend
ACBAnnular Confinement Beam
ACBApplication Control Block
ACBAssociation of Certified Book-keepers
ACBAutomated Clearing Bureau
ACBAryan Coal Beneficiation
ACBAssociation for Clinical Biochemistry
ACBAcb Compressed File Archive

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