Applications & uses of Cloud Computing

In today’s post, we are going to tell you about Applications of Cloud Computing So let’s see Applications & uses of Cloud Computing.

Applications & uses of Cloud Computing
Applications & uses of Cloud Computing

What is Cloud Computing?

Through the Internet, which is the delivery of computing services. That is called cloud computing. These services include database, software, networking, data storage, And computing resources, such as servers.

That means if you store data on cloud-based storage instead of a local storage device If you do, then you can access that data anytime. So that is called cloud computing.

Whenever we store data in local computer storage. So it has to depend on the computer to access and manage it. But in cloud computing, you can use data and resources from anywhere.

Companies providing cloud services store the user’s files and applications on a remote server

What is cloud computing?

What is a server?

What is client server model?

Applications & uses of Cloud Computing

1. video making and editing software

By the way, there is a lot of software in it. Which can be accessed through the cloud. And these software are used to create and edit videos.

2. File storage

Cloud computing is used to store data online. You can access and update this data anytime. It is very easy to store data in cloud. It also costs less and security is also good.

3. file converts

There are many such softwares in it. From which we can change the format of any file. For example, you can convert HTML to pdf or jpg to PNG. It is in the software cloud. And we can access it anytime from anywhere via internet.

4. e-commerce application

Users and e-business are able to respond quickly through the e-commerce application present in the cloud. Through this, companies are able to find new opportunities and fulfill them in a low cost.

5. backup & recovery

We use cloud computing for backup. We can backup any files and data in the cloud. And its security is also good. If ever the data is deleted then you can recover it also.

6. Anti-virus applications

You can also store anti virus software in the cloud. Scan the system through these softwares. It detects and analyzes all the viruses, malwares that occur. Which makes the system correct.

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