ATM full form

In this ariticle we wiil discuss about the ATM full form

ATM full form

full form of ATM Automated Teller Machine
fullform of ATM

what is the full form of atm

ATM full form is the Automated Teller Machine. It is electronic banking which allows customers to complete basic transactions. It is an electro-mechanical machine which is used for the transactions from a bank account.

We can access cash by credit card or debit card at most ATMs. ATM allows the consumers to perform quick self-service transactions like bill payments, cash withdrawals,  deposits.

Basic ATM Parts

The machine of ATM is a user-friendly. The basic input and output devices are given:-

Input Devices

  • Card Reader: The input devices is read the data which is given inside the card. Which is present in the back of the ATM card. Then the card is swiped or inserted in the ATM machine. Then the machine is given cash.
  • Keypad:- It helps for asking the personal details such as identification number, amount of cash, receipt required or not, etc

Output Devices

  • Speaker:- When we press the button of the ATM machine, the audio is coming out form this speaker.
  • Display Screen The displays the transaction which is show information in the screen of the ATM machine. 
  • Receipt Printer It is used to print the receipt with details of transactions.
  • Cash Dispenser it is used for to dispenses the cash.

Functions OF ATM

  • The function of the ATM machine is Deposit of cash.
  • ATM machine is to Withdrawal of cash
  • It has a regular payment of the bill
  • It gives the account balance details
  • We can recharge of prepaid mobile
  • We can also change the pin code
  • It makes an easy way to Transfer of cash
  • We can see the accounts details at any time.


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