How to run computer – Basic computer

Basic computer operation We all know that in today’s technological age, computers are used in every field. In such a situation, everyone should have basic knowledge of computer.

This is also important because Computer is a very useful electronic machine. Which can help you in many tasks. If you do not know how to use it today, then hardly any company can give you a job here.

Computer Basics
Computer Basics

By the way, learning to run a computer is not difficult at all. For this, you can take a Computer Class in your city, or you can also buy an Online Computer Course. Let’s see How to run computer – Basic computer

Basic computer

Basic computer Before you learn how to run a computer, you should know some basics about it. Such as – What is a computer, its main hardware parts and their uses. Hopefully, you will be somewhat familiar with this device.

So let’s learn about some of the main components of a computer. Knowing these will make it easier for you to run a computer.

Part of Basic computer

If you look at a normal desktop computer, its four main parts are cabinet, monitor, keyboard, mouse and UPS. If you have a PC, you can see all these things in it. These parts play a very important role for the computer to function properly. Let’s learn about these parts one by one.

Cabinet / Computer Case

The cabinet is usually a box of black color. Within which all the important hardware devices of the computer are present. For example: Motherboard , Central Processing Unit (CPU) , Hard Disk Drive, RAM and Power Supply Unit, etc.


Keyboard is a key input device. Using this, the user enters data into the computer. Communication between user and computer is possible with the help of keyboard in easy language.


Mouse is a pointing device. Using this, you can give instructions to the computer. It is a very important Peripheral Device, which greatly helps the user to operate the computer.


UPS is a power supply system. By the way, this is not the main part of the computer. You can also plug the Power Cord directly into it. But using UPS is important because it provides protection to your computer from major supply problems.

Basic computer operation

Computer follows three basic operations to perform any task.

Input ➝ Processing ➝ Output

Input: The command or data that you enter into a computer through an input device. For example, if you press the ‘A’ button in the keyboard, this data is input to the computer.

Processing: Inputed data is processed by the CPU in the system. It is also commonly referred to as the “brain of a computer”.

Output: Finally, after the processing, the output of the data inputted by the user is received through the output device – Monitor and Speaker.

Advantages of computer learning

We have no need to tell you why it is beneficial for you to learn how to run a computer. But if you want to know, you can understand it through some important points mentioned below.

1. Computers are used in almost every field today. That is because through it you can do many tasks faster and better. For example – E-mail. You must know how long it took for a letter to reach a person in the past.

2. Users can store their important data safely in computers in large quantities. In addition, that data can be retrieved at any time when needed.

3. Today, every company takes a test of its Basic Computer Skills before giving a job to a person here. So to get a job, it is very important to learn how to run it.

4. As we know, Computer can connect us to Internet. After which all the information around the world is in your reach. Let me tell you, E-Learning is becoming very popular today. But for this you should know how to connect it to the Internet, as well as you should also use Web Browser and Search Engines.

5. You can earn money online through computer. There are many online platforms where you can earn both name and money on the basis of your talent.

How do computers run?

How do computers Start / ON

First you have to learn to turn it on. It is also called computer booting. To do this, follow the steps mentioned below.

1. Find, press and release the Power Button in the computer cabinet. The sound from inside the cabinet and the light burning in the mouse and keyboard is a sign that the computer has started.

2. Now press the ON button of the monitor. Green or red light burning in the monitor means that it is turned on.

3. Now Windows will start loading on the monitor screen. Wait for some time, you will get to the desktop screen.

Tip: If you are using UPS, first plug-in the PC’s key (Power Supply Cord) to the UPS.

Understanding the User Interface (UI)

As soon as a PC is on, the home screen is first visible to the user. This is called Desktop or User Interface (UI).

Desktop, the area where you see Icons of many programs. You will be able to see some icons such as My Computer, Network and Recycle Bin in the desktop by default. To open a program, move the mouse over its icon and double-click it with the left button of the mouse.

At the bottom of the screen, you see a long panel. Which has some Icons display on the right and left side, such as:

1. Start Button , the Windows Icon you see on the right side is called the Start button. Clicking on it opens the Start Menu window. From here you can search any program and Folder in your computer and open it.

2. Taskbar , the area where Icons of running programs or apps exist. Also the apps you use most often can be pinned to the Taskbar.

3. Notification Area (or System Tray) , this is the part on the left side, in which you will see Icons of some system functions like – Date Time, Battery Status, Sound Volume, and etc.

How to Shutdown and Restart Computer

Turn OFF Your PC:

1. On the bottom right-hand side of the desktop screen, you will see the Windows or Start Button button, click on it. Otherwise you can also press the Windows key directly on the keyboard.

2. Here you will see the option of Shut down Click on it.

Restart Your PC:

1. Click on the Windows icon at the bottom right-hand side of the desktop screen again.

2. Now click on the Right Arrow next to the Shutdown button.

3. Here you will see the option of Restart and click on it.

how to refresh computer

1. Right-click with the mouse on the desktop screen.

2. Now click on Refresh option (to do this you can also press the F5 button directly in the keyboard).

how to open program in computer

1. To open a program or folder, move the mouse and move the Cursor to the icon of that program.

2. Now double-click with the left button of the mouse.

Tip: If that program is not on your desktop screen, you can find it by typing in the name of the program in the Search Box by clicking in the Start button.

How to Maximize, Minimize and Close windows

Once you open a program or file. So you have three options to control that open window.

1.Minimize Button – If you look at the top left side in the open window, you will see three options. The first of the three is the Minimize Button. Its Icon looks like a dash (-). Clicking on this hides the window. Although the window does not close completely, it shrinks and shrinks in the taskbar. To show the window again, click on its icon in the taskbar.

2. Maximize Button – Its icon appears as a square shape. Clicking on it makes the window larger. After this happens, this option changes to Restore Button. By clicking on it, the window returns to its first size.

3. Close Button – To close the window, you will see Red X Button in the last most side. Clicking on it will close the window.

Personalizing Your Desktop

If you want to change the look and feel of your desktop, you can do this very easily. For this, see the points mentioned below.

1. Right-click with the mouse on the desktop screen, then click the option to Personalize

2. Now you will see many themes here. By selecting a single theme, you can change the Background, Window Color, Sound and Screen Saver etc. in the desktop at once.

how to pin apps and folders to desktop or taskbar

If there is an application or folder in your PC that you always use. So you can pin those apps and folders to desktop and taskbar.

Pin App / Folder to Taskbar:

1. Press the Windows key on the keyboard or click on the window icon on the bottom right of the desktop.

2. Here, type the name of the program or file in the Search Box.

3. Now right-click with the mouse on that program.

4. Finally click the option with Pin to Taskbar Immediately you will see that program in the taskbar.

Pin App / Folder to Desktop:

1. Click on the Windows icon again.

2. Type the name of the program or folder you want to pin on the desktop screen.

3. Now move the mouse to that program, press and hold Left Click. Then move the mouse to the desktop screen and release the button.

how to connect computer to internet

You can use different methods to connect the computer to the Internet. For better internet connectivity, you can use Dial-Up or Broadband Internet Connection. Otherwise you can also run internet in your computer with the help of your Smartphone.

Check Basic System Information

You can find out the System Specifications of your computer very easily. You can find that Windows PC, Processor, Physical Memory (RAM), Virtual Memory (HDD SSD), System Model, etc. installed in your PC. What is this. A user should be aware of his main computer features. You can also do this by looking at the method described below.

1. Press the Windows Key on the keyboard, otherwise click on the window icon on the bottom right.

2. Here, type System Information in the search box and press enter.

3. A window will open, showing all the important details of your computer.

learn how to run computer

This is not a device that you can learn to operate in a day. However, if you read all the topics mentioned above and practice them, then you will be able to easily do all the basic tasks in the computer without any external help. But if you have learned all the basic things, and want to increase your Computer Skills, then you can do so in the following ways.

get help from google

We know that Google has an answer to every question. So whenever you face any problem in running a computer, you can just search your question by going to Google. For example, in Google “How to learn to run a computer?” Search by typing Thousands of Hindi website links will come in front of you, from where you can get information related to it.

Learn to run computer from YouTube

YouTube is also a better option, where you can learn how to run it by watching Computer Tutorials To search for information in YouTube, you also have to search by typing your question in the search box. You can learn all the information about Computer from basic to advanced level by watching tutorials from YouTube.

join Basic computer class

If you do not have your own PC, you can take help of any Computer Training Center in your city. For this you have to give them some Fees. It is usually a course of 3-4 months, in which you have to join a class of 1 hour daily. This method is most effective for students who are unable to learn by themselves and want to learn computers with the help of a Trainer.

buy online computer course

If you are not interested in finding tutorials and going to training classes. So you can buy Online Basic computer Course sitting at home. The advantage of this is that all the information from basic to advanced level is given in a listed manner. With which you can learn to run step by step computer. You should check the quality of any online course before purchasing it.

So in the post (Basic computer) you have learned How to run computer – Basic computer Hopefully, the information given has helped you in learning computer. After repeated practice of all the above mentioned topics, you will master it after some time

For any kind of question or suggestion, you can comment below. So please do share it on social media, so that this information can reach other people through you.

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