bcc full form

bcc full formBlind Carbon Copy
bcc full form

bcc full form

bcc full form
bcc full form

bcc full form is Blind Carbon Copy. It is used in email. It allows the sender of a message. The person who’s entered in the Bcc field from the other recipients. This is a concept applied to paper correspondence and also applies to email conversations.

It is used to let others see an e-mail you sent without the main recipient knowing. bcc is faster than sending the original message. and forwarding the sending message to the other recipients. It is netiquette to use bcc.  

BCC Full FormCategory
Banco Central de CubBanking
British Chambers of CommerceRegional Organizations
Banque Centrale du CongoBanking
Berkshire Community CollegeUniversities & Institutions
Banque Centrale des ComoresBanking
Barisal Cadet CollegeUniversities & Institutions
Barbados Community CollegeUniversities & Institutions
Bacolod Christian CenterUniversities & Institutions
Bergen Community CollegeUniversities & Institutions
Baltimore City CollegeUniversities & Institutions
Ballarat Clarendon CollegeUniversities & Institutions
Bay City Central High SchoolUniversities & Institutions
Breast Cancer CenterOncology
Blind Courtesy CopyGeneral Business
Basic Core CurriculumEducational
Big Conspiracy Cover-upLaw & Legal
Broadcasting Corporation of ChinaNews & Media
Bristol Community CollegeColleges
Brightmoor Community CenterCommunity
Brodwyn Chiropractic ClinicCompanies & Firms
Battlefield Command ComputerMilitary


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