Latest 13 Best WhatsApp Tips and Tricks

Best WhatsApp Tips and Tricks Today we are going to tell you 13 such Whatsapp Secret, which will prove to be very useful for you. After knowing those, your interest in running Whatsapp will increase further.

In this post Best WhatsApp Tips and Tricks , we are going to tell you the top 13 best tricks which you hardly know before. You must have believed that today we are online more on Whatsapp than Facebook and other social media platforms.

And on this, you must also have created a Whatsapp group, or you will also be connected to a WhatsApp group. But maybe you are bored by looking at the same things every day, to tell the truth, even then Whatsapp used to run for a name only. Just to read the Whatsapp massage sent to the group, I used to come online.

Latest 13 Best WhatsApp Tips and Tricks
Latest 13 Best WhatsApp Tips and Tricks

Because I did not know any specific thing about Whatsapp, but as soon as I came to know some interesting tricks of Whatsapp, after that I started to find Whatsapp not to be bored but fun.

Believe it as soon as you follow these useful tricks, you will enjoy a lot more than using WhatsApp Tips and Tricks . Let’s see the Best WhatsApp Tips and Tricks

Best WhatsApp Tips and Tricks

First of all, share some tips of WhatsApp with you, which is very important for you to know. You should never have tried to know its features while using Whatsapp. When I was new on Whatsapp, I rarely opened its settings. But if you know them then it becomes quite interesting to use Whatsapp. So let’s know some interesting tips of Whatsapp.

1 WhatsApp Tips: Hide Last Seen

This is a very interesting option on Whatsapp. Whenever you open the profile of a friend of yours, you will see that it will be written at the top. Last seen 1:30 am so that you know when your friend came online. But sometimes you will not see the last seen of a friend.

That’s because he did his Last seen hide Friends, many times we wish that no one knew that we had come online today. We can use this option on that day. To do this, follow the instructions below:

Open WhatsApp ➢ Setting ➢ Account ➢ Privacy ➢ Last Seen ➢ Select Nobody

2 WhatsApp Tips: Disable Auto-Download Media

If photos, video, gif and audio are downloaded on your Whatsapp without downloading, it means your Auto download mode ‘ON’. Because of this, our data is spent unnecessarily. To turn off your Auto download mode, just follow these instructions.

 Open Whatsapp ➢ Setting ➢ Data usage ➢ When using mobile data ➢ Untick all options ➢ tap OK 

3 WhatsApp Tips: Add Chat Shortcut

We all have some personal contacts on Whatsapp. With whom we chat for a very long time. So on such condition, we can use this option to place those content on our mobile home screen, after which we can send messages directly to them without opening Whatsapp. Follow the instructions given below to bring your favorite contact to the home screen.

 Open Whatsapp ➢ Press and hold the  chat ➢ Tap three dot Menu ➢ Add chat shortcut 

4 WhatsApp Tips: Star or Unstar a Message

Sometimes we like some messages of Whatsapp group very much, and we want to see them again and again. So in such a way, we can put those massages in our favorite list by starring them. After which, whenever we feel like, we can easily get them from there. If you want to make them fall by starring messages, then you can click on your favorite messages by clicking on Starred massage. How to star Favorite Message? Follow some instructions for this.

 Open Whatsapp ➢ Press and hold Message ➢ Click on Star icon 

5 WhatsApp Tips: Reply to a Specific Message

With the help of this option, you can add a reply to any of your friend’s specific message to the same message. Friends, you can easily reply to your friend, but if you want to reply to a message from a particular person on any of your groups, then you can use this option there. For this, follow the instructions given below.

 Press and hold the message ➢ tap Reply ➢ Enter your  response ➢ Click send button 

6 WhatsApp Tips: Send Whatsapp Message to All Contacts

If you want to send one message to all your Whatsapp contacts, then you must send it to everyone one by one. But if you follow this tips, you can send a message to all those contacts simultaneously. Which will save you a lot of time. Now if you send any message on this broadcast, it will be sent to every number you have selected.

 Open Whatsapp ➢ tap menu button ➢ new broadcast ➢ select contacts ➢ tap on green tick icon 

7 WhatsApp Tips: Disable WhatsApp Blue Ticks or Read Receipts
When a friend of yours gets your message, then you must have seen that blue tick comes in front of that message. By which you know that your friend is seeing your message. But sometimes for some reason we do not want him to know that we are falling for his message. So this feature comes in handy at this point. See below to disable blue tick.

Open WhatsApp ➢ Tap on menu ➢ Setting ➢ Account ➢ Privacy ➢ Turned off Read receipt

8 WhatsApp Tricks: Enable Two-Step Verification

You must have known how to hack Whatsapp, but the most important thing is that how can we give it security so that it can be saved from being hacked. So for this I have come up with a trick, which you have to follow as told by us. Believe it, after that there will be no threat to your Whatsapp account. The most important thing about this is that you will not need any other Security App for this.

After enabling Two-Step Verification, whenever you open your Whatsapp, it will ask for your PIN. You will not be able to open WhatsApp without a PIN. For Whatsapp security, first open the Whatsapp App on your phone. Now follow the instructions given below.

 Open Settings ➢ Account ➢ Two-Step Verification ➢ Tap on Enable ➢ Enter a 6-digit PIN ➢ Add an Email Address or Skip it ➢ Tap on Done 

New WhatsApp Tricks in Hindi 2021

So far you have learned about some Whatsapp tips, now let us tell you about some fun Whatsapp tricks. These are the tricks about which we have written a complete post. Hope you like it.

1 WhatsApp Tricks: Dual WhatsApp on a Single Phone

When many people hear about this, they do not believe it at all, they say that it is impossible. I want to tell them that nothing is impossible in today’s time. Two WhatsApp can be run on a mobile and I have written a complete post on this topic, you can read it by going to the link given below.

2 WhatsApp Tricks: Whatsapp Hacking

I think this is one of the best tricks. Because you too would definitely like to see someone’s hacked Whatsapp account. So for this I have already written a post, you can easily get it from here.

3 WhatsApp Tricks: Format Your Messages into Bold, Italic and Strikethrough

You must have often noticed that many words in Whatsapp messages are designed in bold, italic and strikethrough format. Especially in the messages with shayari such words are seen more. But if you want, you can also design a word or whole paragraph in bold or italic format in your message. WhatsApp allows formatting the text inside your messages.

So if you want to bold a word or sentence, for that you have to put an asterisk (*) sign in front and back of the word. For example * monkey *. To do italic likewise underscore (_) and tilde (~) sign for strike will have to be applied. Another format is monospace, for this you have to put three backticks (“`) in front and back of the word.

4 WhatsApp Tricks: Changing Your Phone Number

Through this trick, we can change our old whatsapp number. Sometimes our old number stops due to some reason. So in such a situation, we can replace our old number with the new number. See the instructions below to update the Whatsapp number.

 WhatsApp ➢ Tap on More option ➢ Setting ➢ Account ➢ Change Number ➢ Next ➢ Enter old number and new number than tap Next ➢ Tap Done 

5 WhatsApp Tricks: Add Background Image

If you want to make Whatsapp a bit more interesting. So you can add a background image on it, which will make chatting on Whatsapp a bit more fun for you. Follow the instructions given below to add a background image on Whatsapp.

 Open WhatsApp ➢ tap More option ➢ Settings ➢ Chats ➢ tap on Wallpaper ➢ Select Wallpaper ➢ tap Set 

6 WhatsApp Tricks: Change Your Friend’s WhatsApp Profile

Yes, you can change the profile pic of any Whatsapp friend according to your mind, you can also call it a prank. With the help of this, you can convince any of your friend to iron your trick. To change any profile, first you have to open the profile photo of that friend. Now follow the steps given below.

  1. Open File Manager
  2. Open Whatsapp’s folder inside Internal Storage
  3. Click on Media in this step
  4. Now click on Whatsapp profile photos

Now you will see the profile picture of all your friends on this folder. Copy the name of a friend whose profile you want to change.

Now, to change your friend’s profile from any new image, remove the name of that image and replace it with the name of the friend’s profile.

Now copy that new image and paste it in the folder with Whatsapp Profile picture. Now open Whatsapp again, open the same friend’s profile, now refresh, you will see that the pic of that friend has changed.

So these were the Best WhatsApp Tips and Tricks by using which you can increase your experience manifold. Friends, everything is a lot of fun in itself, so just to know its secret and some of the same things of Whatsapp, we have given you this post ( Best WhatsApp Tips and Tricks) .

WhatsApp Tips and Tricks hope you have something new from our post ( WhatsApp Tips and Tricks ) Will get to learn. If you liked this post (Best WhatsApp Tips and Tricks) , then do share it with your friends too.

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