CMOS full form – What is CMOS

Do you know CMOS full form – What is CMOS and how does it reduce? If you don’t know then this article is very much for you Will be rewarded. The two biggest advantages of CMOS are as follows. Which no one else can provide. It provides high noise immunity and low static power consumption.

CMOS full form - What is CMOS
CMOS full form – What is CMOS

It uses a combination of p-type and n-type MOSFET circuits in CMOS. So that it can implement logic gates and other digital circuits very easily.

CMOS has many features and advantages. For this reason, it is placed in every modern integrated circuit. Therefore we thought that you should provide complete information about CMOS. So let’s start with CMOS full form – What is CMOS

CMOS full form

CMOS full formcomplementary metal oxide semiconductor
CMOS full form

What is CMOS

cmos technology is a very popular technology. It is a part of the motherboard. Which is a type of memory chip. It is operated from the battery. When the pc is closed, it is still operated from the battery. This chip stores all the information. In which your computer’s time and date are also stored.

cmos is one such chip technology. Which works even in very low electricity. Therefore, its battery lasts for a long time. It is very good here. Because computer and replacing the motherboard’s CMOS chip by opening the laptop is a complex task.

Sometimes if the setting of time and date of your computer or laptop changes repeatedly. So the battery of cmos on the motherboard fails. That is, the battery of cmos has become trillion. We need to change that. cmos is the ability to store the time and date of your computer or laptop.

If your cmos battery fails. So your computer and laptop is reset to default in the BIOS setting after closing. This is because cmos is a chip. And when you check the BIOS configuration of computer and laptop.

So that setting does not remain store on BIOS. While she stays in store on the cmos chip. It has the capacity to store 256 bits of data.

It supplies three volts of power. But for ten years without changing the battery. The power keeps on supplying. Whether the computer is turned off or on.

What is the use of CMOS

This has created the ability to set setup on the setting. Its use is made below.

1. Date : – This sets the date of the computer.

2. Time : – This sets the computer’s time.

3. SATA 1: – This configures the connect devices to the primary SATA channel.

4. SATA 2 : – It configures the connect devices to another channel.

5. E-SATA – 1 : – It configures the connect devices to the outside primary SAT channel.

6. System information : – This Provides all information related to hardware .

What is NMOS?

Builds n-type source and drain diffused in pOS-type substrate in NMOS. The majority of carriers are electrons. Whenever applying hight voltage, nmos starts to conduct in the gate. And apply low voltage. Then even nmos starts to conduct in the gate.

This is considered more fast in comparison to pmos. It carriers electrons. And it travels at a high speed. compare holes.

What is PMOS?

Its full name is p-type source and drain diffused in p-channel MOSFET. Applying high voltage to it. So the pmos starts to conduct in the gate. And when applying low voltage, even then pmos starts to conduct in the gate.

Who first discovered CMOS?

cmos was done by Frank Wanlass in 1963. He had a patent on it. When doing some experiments in Fairchild semiconductor.

What does CMOS mean on the computer?

As you all know, the fullform of cmos is complementary metal oxide semiconductor . It refers to the memory of small amount. That is, a computer’s in the motherboard that stores the BIOS setting.

You must have heard the name of the clearing CMOS. In this, the setting of BIOS is reset to the default level. This makes work very easy. And solve a lot of computer problems.

What is the different name for cmos?

CMOS to CMOS Ram, Real time clock (RTC), Non – volatile Bios memory, Non – volatile Ram (NVRAM) and complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (cosmos).

What is the application of cmos – Application of cmos?

Its processes are implemented very widely. In this fundamentally, nmos and bipolar processes are replaced by the digital logic application.

Its technology is used in this digital ic design. Explained below

1. Used in computer memories.

2. micro processor is used to design.

3. Flast memory chip is used to design.

4. Used to design application specific integrated circuits (ASICs).

These devices are used in the application of the range with anolog circuit. Such as data converter, image sensors etc.

Advantages of cmos

1. It has low static power consumption.

2. This reduces the complexity of the circuit.

3. It provides high density of logic function to the chip.

4. It also has high noise immunity.

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