Computer essay in English

Computer essay in English Who is not in public today to use a computer. Computers are used in every field. It is not possible to do any work without

Computer essay in English
Computer essay in English

computer. In such a situation, it has become very important to know the history of the computer and how it is leaving an impact on our lives and how it is helping in the everyday work of our life.

What is it that has brought so much change in our lives with the introduction of computers? Let’s see Computer essay in English

Computer essay in English


Computer is a technology, which is mostly used in the place. It takes as many things as possible in a very short time. This reduces the labor of the person at the work site.

It provides high time and low labor force high level results. One cannot even imagine life without a computer.

We can use the Internet in computers. Which provides the necessary information in a short time. It has a big contribution in a person’s life because it is used in every area.

It is available as our assistant at every moment. Computers of earlier times were less powerful and worked less. Whereas modern computers are very efficient, easy to handle and can edit more and more tasks. Due to which it is becoming so popular among the people.

Computer History

First 1000 U.P in Japan, Abacus Yantra was prepared, through which mathematics questions were solved. And then Blaine Pascal of France built the computer in 1673 AD.

But The credit for inventing the modern computer goes to Charles Babbage of England . It was built in the year 1833. Seeing its popularity, the Indian government imported it in 1965.

Personal computer came in 1985. Then it was imported in 1986 in half price. Now it is used extensively in the field of education.

Development of computer

1450 B.C. AbacusIt is an ancient calculating machine.
1600 A.D. Napier BonesThis is the second calculating machine.
1642 A.D. Blas PascalIt was created in 1642 by the French mathematician Blas Pascal of mechanical calculating machine.
1962 A.D. Multiply MachineGottried Lebanese made Pascal’s machine good. In which multiplication is done.
1813 A.D. Difference Engine Charles BabbageIt developed the differential engine in 1813.
Development of computer

Computer Usage –

All the information of the country and the world is present on the computer. It is used in all offices, banks, hospitals, schools and etc. Due to its use, today we also get the correct information of the weather. Also, computers have also made education easier. Below are some of the computers.

1. Computer is used in industrial area.

2. Computers are also used in homes.

3. Computer is used in the field of education.

4. Computers are also used in the field of information and news.

5. Computers are also used in the bank.

6. Computers are used in science.

7. Computers are used in medicine and health.

8. Computers are used in games.

9. Computers are also used in all administrative areas and government offices.

Computer Damage.

1. Its addiction can make humans ill.

2. May have harmful effects on health.

3. Over-looking on a mobile computer can also cause eye damage.

4. Most of the people have started to like to chat on social networking sites like Facebook, WhatsApp. That stops them from meeting people.

5. Cheating via the Internet has increased a lot.

6. The bank’s personal data is stolen.

7. Cybercrime is on the rise.

What is cryptography?

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