Create Bootable USB Drive

Create Bootable USB Drive

Create a bootable USB pen drive from which you can easily install Windows on any PC.

But if you think that preparing a bootable pen drive is very difficult, then see below how easy it is to prepare a bootable pen drive.


All you have to do is download Rufus, a small app, and run it. You don’t need to install it.

It will automatically scan USB ports and show you all connected USB drives.

Select the appropriate USB drive in the device.

Give a proper name to New Volume Label.

Select the appropriate option in front of Create a bootable disk using. And by clicking on the icon of the drive-in front of it, select the path of the ISO file.

Now select the Start button from the bottom|

But keep in mind that all previous data on this USB will be destroyed.

Create Bootable USB Drive
Create Bootable USB Drive

Rufus can be used to create USB bootable drives for all Windows versions.

Stere installation drive to be made? this is easy! See How to Create a Bootable Flash Drive for Multiple Versions of Windows with WinSetupFromUSB

How to Create Bootable USB Pen Drive for Windows

Retrieve bootable USB drive. If you want to install any operating system quickly and you don’t have a DVD drive on your desktop or laptop, you can make your USB pen drive bootable and install any OS from it. Use a small tool Rufus for this. create a bootable USB drive.

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