Difference between HDD and SSD

Today’s post is going to tell you that Difference between HDD and SSD. And together we will also tell you what is HDD and what is SSD. Let’s see Difference between HDD and SSD

Difference between HDD and SSD
Difference between HDD and SSD

The hard disk drive is installed for storage in all computers or laptops. Those who do not know about the hard disk, then read this post of our Difference between HDD and SSD till the end.

What is a hard disk?

A lot of software and plugins are used to run computers and laptops. Apart from this, you can keep the data inside the computer according to your needs.

Hard disk does the job of storing all these data. Hard disk is called non-volatile memory. Which is saved in data hard. Until that data is delect. When you do not delect by yourself. Or if you hard disk goes bad. Then your data will be delect.

Your data in hard disk is saved for long time. If your computer shuts down. Even then your data is saved.

Type of Hard disk

1. HDD

2. SSD


HDD full form

The full form of HDD is hard disc drive.

What is HDD – What is HDD?

Full name of HDD is hard disc drive. It is the oldest and most frequent type of hard disc. Even now, most people use this type more.

It was first established in 1956 by the IBM company. HDD uses magnetism to store data. There is a head spinning platter of read and write. Which reads and writes data.

It rotates at a speed as fast as platter. It does a good and fast plateform. Its speed is from 5400 RPM to 7200. But you can buy an HDD with higher RPM than this.

HDDs are cheaper in comparison to other hard disks. If you want, you can buy a hard disk with more data for less money. You can find hard disk of ITB easily.

HDD is similar in appearance to another hard disk. But the way it works is different.

What is CPU?

What is monitor?

SSD full form

The full form of SSD is solid state drive.

What is SSD – What is SSD?

is another type of hard disk. The full name of SSD is solid state drive . It is also a hard disk. Whose data has to be saved. Its job is to store the data.

Its function is similar to that of HDD. But its way of working is different from HDD. A plotter was used to save data in HDDs. The same SSD uses microchip to save data.

In SSD you save data in that way. The way you use memory card and save in pen drive .

Difference between HDD and SSD

The full form of SSD is a solid state drive.The full form of HDD is a hard disc drive.
It is very expensive.It is very cheap.
It does not demand much power. It also has no moving parts, due to which it produces very little heat.This produces more heat than SSDs. Because it has moving parts which rotate continuously.
Its average bootup time is 10–13 seconds.Its average bootup time is 30-40 seconds.

It does not have a moving part. For this reason, the sound is not produced much in it.
It has moving parts. So there are also sounds of clicks and spinning.
HDD opens 30% faster than compare.SSD is very slow in comparison
There is not much storage capacity made in it.It is made with very high capacity and is also used in use.
Difference between HDD and SSD in Hindi

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