EDGE Full Form

EDGE Full Form

EDGE Full Form
.EDGE Full Form

EDGE Full Form

Full Form EDGE isEnhanced Data rates for GSM Evolution
EDGE Full Form

EDGE Full Form in Telecom

In Telecom EDGE Full FormEnhanced Data rates for GSM Evolution
EDGE Full Form in Telecom

What is EDGE in English

EDGE stands for enhanced data rates for GSM architecture  It is also called enhanced GPRS (EGPRS) or IMT single carrier (IMT-SC).

It is a high-speed wireless data service that provides speed up to 384 kbps in all GSM channels. At this speed, mobile phones or computer users can run multimedia and other broadband applications. And can send and receive.
For example: – We can stream audio, video, through this. etc.

It was developed in 2001 and was first implemented in the united states.

EDGE gives three times more speed than the previously used GPRS. It is also called pre-3G technology because it meets the requirements of 3G but it is classified as 2.75G.

Upgradation of EDGE

Mobile station (MS)MS EDGE must be enabled.
BTSHW Supply Edge Enabled.
BSCDefinitions for EDGE Time in BSC
GPRS Support Nodes (GSNs)Definitions for Edge need to be defined in GSNs.
Database (HLR, VLR, etc.)No definition is needed.
EDGE Upgradation

GSM technology

EDGE is built on GSM standards, using the same time-division multiple access (TDMA) frame structure and cell arrangements as the GSM. And there is no need to change any kind of hardware and software in it.

Edge transceiver units are installed in base stations so that the coverage area of ​​that station can be accessed!

GSMK (Gaussian minimum-shift keying) modulation is used in GSM, but it does not give much speed, so 8PSK  modulation is used. Higher data rates can be achieved with 8PSK

Advantages of EDGE

1.Short term benefits – capacity and performance,

2. Easy implementation on GSM/GPRS network,

3. Effective cost,

4. Increases data rate and capacity of GPRS,

5. Enables new multimedia services

6. What will EDGE mean for Subscribers

7. streaming application

8. very high speed download

9. Corporate intranet connection

10. video phone

11. Corporate Application – Video conference, remote presentation.

Disadvantage of EDGE

Its disadvantage is that 3G which is there is faster than EDGE. The speed of 3G is up to 2.4mbps.

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