Encryption Nowadays people spend most of their time on the computer or internet. So the problem of data theft by hackers has increased a lot.


Nowadays most of the chariot, fault, is done by all computer or laptop. Char uses your data incorrectly. And that can harm you. Encryption is that method. By which data is converted into a type of code. So that no one can understand that data. Data is changed by encryption. That is, not reading the message changes the message.

To avoid the problem of Data piracy, the technology of Encryption was born. In today’s post, we are going to tell you about Encryption – Meaning

Encryption Meaning

Encryption is one method. so that you can prevent data from being stolen. Like, nowadays, the number of Cyber ​​crimes of businesses and consumers ; being hunted is increasing. Encryption and Tough Security are required.

What is Encryption

Encryption is a process. In which information and any data file are converted into the unreadable form using an algorithm. So that the unauthorised user cannot read that data.

Encryption is to protect any data through code. After encrypting any information or data, only that person can read it. Who has his decryption key or password.

Encryption is the first information or data file called plain text. And after encryption, the information or data file is called cipertext.

The process of encryption and decryption is called cryptography. To know about cryptography this is our post What is cryptography? Must read

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