FDD full form – What is Floppy Disk

FDD full form – What is Floppy Disk: –

The floppy disk was one such storage medium. There was a thin and flexible magnetic disk inside a plastic carrier.

It was used a lot in the year 1970. At the same time, by early 2000, it has been replaced slowly by other storage devices which have more capacity.

FDD full form - What is Floppy Disk
FDD full form – What is Floppy Disk

This floppy disk is a type of magnetic storage medium. You must have a floppy disk in your computer system to read and write data to these floppy disks.

In earlier times floppy disk was used to store the operating system of a computer. So friends, read this post to our end to know about Floppy Disk. Let’s see that FDD full form – What is Floppy Disk

FDD full form

FDD full formfloppy disk drive 
FDD full form

What is Floppy Disk

Floppy Disk is a data storage device. It was first made in 1969. The same year as the Internet started. It is part of Secondary or External Memory.

This magnetic disk is very thin and flexible. Therefore it is called a Floppy disk or diskette. It is made of a plastic sheet named Mailer and has both and Magnetic material stick.

The Magnetic disk is closed in another Plastic jacket and a small part of the Magnetic disk is kept open. The floppy disk used in the computer is 5.25 Inch (also called Mini floppy) and 3.5 Inch (also called Micro floppy) in size.

Type of Floppy Disk

1. 8 Inch floppy

Floppy disk was designed by IBM in 1960. In 1970, it was first used as a Read-Only Format and as a Read-Write Format. Do not use 8 Inch floppy disk in Desktop or Laptop. Its capacity was 100K Bytes (100000 Characters).

2. 5.25 Inch floppy  (Mini floppy)

In this Floppy, the magnetic surface is covered by a thin vinyl gasket. It was made for PCs of common size. Before 1987 and it is also called predecessor of 8-inch floppy disk.

5.25 Floppy’s Storage Capacity Of Floppy It can be both single side and double side. It is of two types: –

  • DSDD (Double Sided Double Density) – 360 KB
  • DSHD (Double Sided High Density) – 1.2 MB

5.25 Floppy’s Storage Capacity Of Floppy

  • DSDD (Double Sided Double Density) – 720 KB
  • DSHD (Double Sided High Density) – 1.44 MB
  • DSED (Double Sided Extra High Density) – 2.88 MB

3. 3½-inch Floppy 

The size of this Floppy is very small, as it can be easily encashed in a rigid envelope. Despite its small size, microfloppies have a very high storage capacity.

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