Fuse wire

In this post today, there are lots of fuses to be seen in the Fuse wire market. Which are used for different purposes. It is used in our homes, offices, industry, and factory etc.

Fuse wire
Fuse wire

When the devices have high voltage. So by applying fuse, a short circuit can be avoided. But once the electrical current is very high, any device can have a short circuit. Fuse is used to protecting against loss of high voltage current.

What is fuse

Fuse is a device. It acts just like one of the protectors. It is also called safety devices. It is used to protect household appliances. Which prevents the devices from losing high voltage. Applicants of these houses have TVs, computers, refrigerators etc.

fuse is used according to the current passing through the device that the device takes more or less load.

You must have seen that once a fire occurs due to a short circuit in any of the devices suddenly. And having short circuit causes a lot of damage to the devices. Fuse is used to protecting against this damage.

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Fuse wire

The new wire is always connected in the fuse. So that the fuse should not burn. Wire with low resistance should be used in this. If you use a wire with more resistance in the fuse, then there may be a short circuit in the fuse.

There are many types of wires available in the market. Its use is reduced due to some good wire being expensive.

fuse wire is made of

fuse is made of metal with a thin strip or strand. Whenever current flows in more amount than the electrical circuit. Then the fuse is melted. This opens the circuit and disconnects the power supply. Which is also called circuit breaker or stabilizer. Which avoids having a short circuit to devices.

In the market, you can find many types of the electric fuse. The fuse strips are made of metals like aluminium, copper, zinc etc.

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