Google Drive Storage Guide

Google Drive is free storage, but it doesn’t offer many other cloud services, and Google Drive doesn’t count certain types of data into your quota, despite being more generous than other competitors. So if you know what you’re saving, your 15GB of free storage should be more than enough for you to save data.

Google Drive has not completely clarified who will be counted and who will not. Therefore, these items will give you an idea of ​​how to manage your storage.

What Counts in Google:

Like other cloud services, Google Drive uses your storage quota for most of the uploads you make. However, whether there are other examples that use space is not yet clear.

i) File Formats:

When you upload any file directly to Google Drive, it will count towards your storage quota. These include PDF files, Microsoft Office documents, images, videos, etc. In addition, it also counts the size of files you put in other trash, until they are automatically cleaned up after 30 days.

ii) Gmail Messages and Attachments:

If you use Gmail, don’t expect to have a separate quota of storage for your email. All Google services are tied to your Google Account, and this means that your Gmail messages and attachments ultimately use up Google Drive’s space, including messages from your Spam or Trash folders

If you regularly receive emails with large attachment files, Google Drive will run out of space quickly.

iii) Google Photos:

Google Photos is one of the few exciting offers from Google, and it’s inextricably linked to Google Drive. It has two sync settings – High Quality and Original. The second option uploads both the original quality images and videos. And it counts directly in your storage as soon as you upload them directly to Google Drive. High Quality, on the other hand, only limits photos and videos of 1080p resolution to 16MB. This is unlimited storage for Pixel phones.

Of course, you can choose to transfer the ownership of a shared item to another person in storage to protect your quota.

GoGoogle Drive Storage Guide
Google Drive Storage Guide

What Doesn’t Count in Storage:

Perhaps the attractive aspect of Google Drive is that some items never count towards your total storage quota. You are listed below some of them, which you might be surprised to see-

i) Google Documents:

Have you checked Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides? If not, you should check. Especially if you don’t need all the extra power of Microsoft Office. Not only can you create documents using Google’s Google Docs apps, but they never count towards your quota.

ii) Google Photos:
So it was mentioned above that Google Photos is counted in your quota? Yes, this happens when you use the Original sync setting. Switch to High Quality instead, and any images or videos you upload don’t count. very good, isn’t it?

Admittedly, you may lose some quality of the image due to compression, unless you’re in a professional photo editor. It doesn’t matter for normal use as 16 MP for photos and 1080P for videos is pretty amazing.

iii) Files Shared with You:
The files you share are counted against your quota. But what about files that someone shared with you? So they don’t count in your quota. So the next time someone shares files with you, don’t worry.

iv) Pixel Smartphones:
If you use a Pixel smartphone, consider yourself lucky. The owners of Pixel Smartphones get unlimited space on Google Drive. They can upload unlimited images and videos in original quality through Google Photos.

v) WhatsApp Backups:
Yes, the backup of WhatsApp is counted in your quota. But not after 12 November 2018.

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