Hide Files Folders Windows 10 Search

There is a tip to keep your private data secure and hide files from search results in Windows and that is to exclude folders from Indexing Options.

Windows 10’s search system is much better suited to search and find everything from inside your system. It is also capable of searching the contents of encrypted folders from your system drive.

Cortana, on the other hand, is also trying to learn your behaviour to help you find files, folders, and apps quickly.

In Windows 10, Cortana Box or Windows Search Box can search for files and folders on any drive on your PC. By default, the files and folders in your profile folder are included in

But sometimes you don’t like to see your private folders and files in search results. Maybe you have some private files and you don’t want them to be displayed in the search results.

At such times, you may need to exclude these private folders from the search results.

Windows 10 has an amazing feature called Indexing Options. It excludes your private folders from the search result.

Hide Files Folders Windows 10 Search
Hide Files Folders Windows 10 Search

Today, I’ll show you how to deindex a folder so that the folder won’t show up in the search results of File Explorer or Cortana box, or in the search box on the taskbar.

How To Hide files and folders in Windows 10 search in English:

Hide files and folders in Windows 10 Search:
step 1:

To start, click on the Search icon on Cortana or the taskbar and type “indexing options”. Now click on Indexing Options above.

Step 2:

Now Indexing Options a dialogue box will open. Here, you can see all the locations included in the indexing. Click on the Modify button.
Step 3:

In this dialogue box, you can see that all folders included in the search are checked.

In the Change selected locations section, click the arrow on the side of the drive that contains your folder.

Navigate to the folder in the folder tree you want to hide and uncheck the check box for that folder.

The folders you uncheck will be added to the Users folders in the summary of the selected locations box.

Click OK.

You can now see this folder in the main Indexing Options dialogue box.

Rebuild the Index:

Now, you will need to rebuild the index to exclude the selected folders from the search.

On the Indexing Options dialogue box, click the Advanced button.
For this, you need administrative rights. Here if you will be asked for a password, then enter the password of the administrator.

In the Advanced Options dialogue box, click Rebuild in the Troubleshooting section.

Now a pop-up box of warning will appear. Click OK here.
Remember that you can also fix search issues by rebuilding the index.

Indexes can take a long time to rebuild, depending on your data size.

Close the Indexing Options dialog box.

Bus! Your private folders will now be excluded from the search results.

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