How Internet Works?

Do you know How Internet Works? and how it works. You will hardly know about this. By using the Internet, we can get the information contained in computers around the world on our device.

How Internet Works
How Internet Works

We can say, we were unable to access the information at any time. Today, with the use of the net, we can reach them very easily. In this post today, we are going to tell you about the technologies and infrastructure from which the internet runs. Let’s see How Internet Works?

How Internet Works?

Internet is nothing but one of the largest network and largest network of computers present in the world. Computer means not just normal computers but all types of computing devices including our mobile and tablet.

Internet begins around 1960, when (JCR Licklider called Intergalactic Network Only then did computer scientists begin to develop the concept of Packet switching .

Internet When it first came is not completely clear. But in 1960 the U.S. A research project ‘APRANET’ funded by the Department of Defense was started. In which many computers on a single network could be connected and communicated between them.

This is what got that Technique, due to which we were able to establish a connection between computing devices. So the Internet is a way to connect all computers together.

so that they can communicate information among themselves. That is, this web page on which you are reading information is also a Server is a kind of powerful computer store.

Wires, Cables and Towers

Now there will be a question in your mind that how this information travels from one place to another, then all this happens by Ethernet cables, wireless radio connection and satellite . When two computers have to communicate together, you have to connect them to each other.

To do this you will either link them physically or wirelessly (for example via a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth system). So you see those cables laying under the ground or you see phone towers near you. With their help, your computer or mobile is connected to other computing devices around the world.

ISP (Internet Service Provider)

If you do not know, then ISP or Internet Service Provider is the only one, due to which you are able to run net in your device. For example, BSNL, Airtel, Jio, Vodafone and Idea are all ISP companies. What would their work be and what did they take charge of from us? Let us understand this deeply.

Internet means a network (on which countless computers connect and communicate with each other and exchange information. Now if you want information from devices connected to the Internet, first you have to connect to this network. Network Some specific Telecommunication, Networking and Routing devices are required to connect.

So ISPs have the responsibility of all these devices and telecommunication lines. Laying of cable lines under the ground, putting mobile towers in place and taking care of them is with the ISPs. Now they will do all these work for free or not, so they take money from you.

What is Internet Service Provider ISP in Hindi?

Types of computer

Servers and Clients

It is very important to know about these two words to fully understand how

Net runs. Clients mean that the customer includes the computer, smartphone and another device in which you run the internet. A server is a machine that stores information on how the server works Read this post. In another word, router acts as a connecting point between the two.

Connecting all of these is the transmission line which can be physical, such as in the case of cables and fiber optics, or they can be wireless signals, such as those emanating from towers and satellites. Routers and cables act as the backbone of the Internet in running the Internet. Which are provided by ISP (Internet Service Provider).

IP Address

One more thing to think about is that there are countless devices connected on the Internet, then how does the computer receive that file. So every computer connected to the Internet, whether it is a server or a router, all have a unique address, which we call as IP Address . This is like our home address. If someone wants to send us something, they will send it to this address.

IP Address is an address made up of a series of four numbers separated by dots, something like ‘192.168. 0.255 ’appears. If you know the IP address of a website, then you can open the website just by entering that IP. But it is difficult for humans to remember these numbers. To make things easier, we give a name to each IP address, which is called Domain Name

For example, and are all domain names. But computers do not understand human language, they only understand computer language. When you write, how does the computer know what the IP address of this site will be

It is used for Domain Name System (DNS). It is a decentralized database, in which every domain name is mapped with its IP address. To know about the database, read these posts, so whenever you request to open a site, the computer first goes to DNS and brings the IP address of that website. After that the request goes to the server.


If you know how the computer works, then you must also know that they work on the basis of the binary number system. The binary number consists of 0 and 1. A 0 or a 1 is called 1 bit. 8 bits together make 1 byte, 1.024 bytes together make 1 KB, and 1024 KB together make 1 MB. That is, computers store data in the form of these 0s and 1s. What is Bit & Byte Understand this in detail

So whatever data is sent and received between computers, it is in the form of 0 and 1. Now, let us come to the example of Uppar, when you open a website, it is stored on a server. The server sends you that file of the website as a large collection of zeros and ones called Packets The size of a packet can range from about 1000 to 1500 bytes.

So whatever data is sent and received between computers, it is in the form of 0 and 1. Now, let us come to the example of Uppar, when you open a website, it is stored on a server. The server sends you that file of the website as a large collection of zeros and ones called Packets The size of a packet can range from about 1000 to 1500 bytes.

Protocols usually establish some rules so that the packets reach their right destination safely. Apart from this, you can also call them a set of rules, which decide how to communicate computers on the network.

Finally, when all the packets reach their destination, according to protocols your device reassemble them. This way that site opens in front of you. So one thing is clear here that the Internet is just a network, on which unlimited devices are connected. Due to which they communicate information (data in the language of technology) among themselves.

How the net runs?

We are going to tell you about it in brief

1. To access our web site, you must first connect your phone or computer to the Internet.

2. Now the URL of our website ( must be typed in the browser. You may have come to our site by searching through google. Whatever it is, but eventually you clicked on a URL (Uniform Resource Locator).

3. As we have already told you that every web page is a store on some web server, then obviously that server will have a unique IP address.

4. So the browser contacts the DNS (Domain Name System) and finds out the IP address of that URL. Consider DNS as a phone book that contains the person’s name and number.

5. Now as soon as your browser receives the IP address of our server, it connects to it. Finally our request gets to our server.

6. After which he divides all the files of the website into several pieces, which are called Packets. Which access your browser from the server following protocols.

7. Once all the packets reach their destination, the browser reassemble them and open our web site in front of you.

Hopefully, from this article you will be able to understand How Internet Works? If there is any question related to it, then please tell in the comment below. If you like your information, then do not forget to share it.

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