How to add a custom domain in a blogger

How to add a custom domain in a blogger Do you know how to add a Custom Domain Name in Blogger? If you want to give a new identity to your blog. Or want to use your favourite domain name by removing your blogger from blog

How to add a custom domain in a blogger
How to add a custom domain in a blogger

website blog that we buy for free. So the URL of free website blog is in,

When you create a free website on So its domain name is something like “ Which is a free domain. Like which is a custom domain name. Let’s see How to add a custom domain in a blogger?

How to add a custom domain in a blogger

It is very easy to add custom domain name to Blogger. If you have a free blog and you want to add your domain name to it, then follow the step given below.

1. First go to the dashboard by login to

2. Then click on the setting to add the domain name to the blogger.

3. After this, you will see the blog address.

4. Click + set up a 3rd party URL for your blogger below that.

5. The Domain Name you have purchased. Write that domain name. Like WWW. is to write something like this. www .

6. After adding the domain name, click on the save button.

7. After that you will see an error message, something like this will appear. We have not been able to verify your authority to this Domain error 14

8. This message means that your Domain Name verify has not happened. This may be coming because the blogger’s DNS record is not set in Godaddy.

9 Now you have to click on DNS setting file to add DNS record in Godaddy. And the file will be downloaded.

10. You have to add DNS record by going to Godaddy site and login. See below how to setup Domain in Godaddy.

How to add DNS record to Godaddy .

1. Login to account by

2. Then click on profile after login.

3. A new page will be open in front of you. In which you will see many options. In that, you have to go to manage and click.

4. You will see the Domain Name, click on it.

5. You have to click on “ DNS ZONE FILE”

6. Then click on the option of IMPORT ZONE FILE by clicking More

7. Then upload the downloaded file.

8. You have to click on the save button.

9. After uploading you will have something like “ records not containing errors have been successfully saved ” show.

Fields to use a domain name in Blogger

There are many benefits to using custom domain name in Blogger

1. Professional Look: A sub-domain is too large. No one even knows how to remember it quickly. So this will give you a professional look. And you will be able to remember others as well. You can also create a professional email address if you want.

2. & nbsp; Alexa Ranking : If your domain is and someone from India is open then it will open in But there is a problem in this that you are not able to increase your blog’s Alexa Rank quickly.

3. Search Ranking : any if If something searches in Google, then your blog The name gives something like So most people do not visit the same link. So the ranking of your blog is also reduced by search results.

4. Adsense Approval: It does not matter whether you have a custom domain or your blog is blogspot domain. You can get the approval of Adsense. Blogger is the product of google. That is why there is no problem in it. But if you add a domain, then it increases the chances of getting Adsense approved.

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