How to change the background in google meet


How to change the background in google meet

In this post of today we will give you how to change background in google meet. Before that we will talk about what google meet is and how to use google meet?

All school colleges are closed due to Lockdown. That is why all children have online classes. For this, all children need an app. So that she can make video calling in her online class.

Google has officially rolled out ‘Google meet’ for this video calling. Its company had earlier announced that Permium will free the app. For which everyone had a Gmail account. It was Google’s plan to integrate the meeting directly from gmail.

What is Google?

What is Google play store?

What is screen mirroring?

Nowadays the demand for lockdown video conferencing platform has increased significantly in a short time. So we thought we should write a post on Google meet. So friends what is google meet, how to use google meet and How to change the background in google meet

What is Google Meet

Google Meet is a video conferencing platform. That is, it is a video calling service. It has been designed for professional use. For this, Google has launched a lot of Google Meet app. It can be used with email. Usually, people use WhatsApp for video calls or either use another app. But google meet is used for professional.

How does Google meet country app?

Google Meet is the app of USA. Which Google’s company has created.

How to create your id on Google meet?

Below are three ways to create your id on google meet.

Can you create an id by using it yourself?

You already have the product of google. Like email, youtube, google photos etc. So you have to sign in on google’s account. And you don’t have to sign up. If you do not have a google account, you can sign up for free.

Can I create an id using Professional?

If you already use G Suite . So you guys have to sign in on the existing account.

Using G Suite admin

In google meet, you get both G Suite and G Suite for education option. And then you can start using google meet. With G Suite, you start video calling facility for your organization.

How to use Google meet?

You can use google meet in your computer or smartphone. If you want to use google meet in your computer or laptop, then your computer or laptop should have mic and camera. If you want to use google meet in smartphone then all this thing already happens in your phone.

To use it, you have to open gmail. And if you are going to use it in the computer, then you will get the option of google meet on the left side. Can create meeting on this. And you can join the meeting.

How to download Google meet?

If you want to use google meet, then you have to download google meet. You can download it from the link given below.

Google meet android link: – google play

Google meet IOS link: – App store

So, friends, we hope you have got all the information related to google meet. In this post today, we have given you complete information about How to change the background in google meet. We hope you all liked our post. We always try to give you as much information as possible. In this article, we have tried to give you all kinds of information.

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