How to create a credit card?

How to create a credit card? After the closure of the note in India, the trend of digital payment has increased a lot, due to which the utility of Credit Card has increased even more, so everyone wants to make a Credit Card.

Because we have a lot of benefits of using credit cards and with the saving of money, the need for money is also fulfilled. Which proves to be very effective in our good and bad times.

How to create a credit card
How to create a credit card

Therefore everyone wants that he also has his own credit card so that he can get the benefit from the use of the credit card whenever he wants. But making a credit card is not so easy, so not everyone can apply a credit card.

Also, many people are still unaware of the credit card what is a Credit Card and how to make it. Due to a lack of information about this, too many people are unable to use a credit card.

In this post of today, we give you what is a Credit Card and how to make it. It is going to give complete information about it. Let’s see How to create a credit card?

How to create a credit card?

To apply for a Credit Card, first of all you have to keep a photo copy of some of your important documents with you. The list of important documents required for making a credit card is as follows.

Document Required for Credit Card

  • Pan Card
  • Identity proof ( Aadhar Card, Voter id etc. )
  • Photographs
  • Income tax return Receipt or Fix deposit in your account.

If you have all these documents available. So you can apply for a credit card. There are two ways to apply credit card.

  1. Offline (by going to the bank branch)
  2. Online (from the bank’s website or credit card website such as Bankbazaar)

In the offline way, simple you go to the bank and meet a credit card seller or agent and talk to him, see all the plans and make the right choice according to your own. Then take the credit card form from them, fill it and attach the required document to it and submit it to the bank. Now if you have passed the terms and conditions of the bank, then shortly after, the Credit Card will reach your home.

So, let us now learn the step by step online method of making a credit card. Here we will teach you to apply Online Credit Card from Bankbazaar website. So let’s learn to apply credit card step by step from BankBazaar.

How to apply Credit Card from BankBazar?

Step 1. Open Bankbazar’s website .

Step 2. Now on the home page of Bankbazaar you will get many options like – Loans, Cards, Insurance, Investment, Check free Credit Card score, etc. To apply for a credit card, you click on Cards and select the credit card.

Step 3. Now click on Get a Card to get the credit card made.

Step 4. Now select your city to check your eligibility, and click on Search for Credit Cards .

Step 5. Now if you are salaried, then write the name of your company where you do the job. Self Employed, Write the name of your firm and click on Continue.

Step 6. On this page, select your Net Monthly income , and click on Press to Continue.

Step 7. Now select the bank in which your Salary is deposited and click on Continue.

Step 8 . If you already have a credit card available from any bank, select that bank. But if it is not there, select None and click on Continue.

Step 9. Now make your Age Select , and click on Continue.

Step 10. Now after entering your name, mobile number and email, click on View Free Offers .

Step 11. Now according to your filled information, the list of credit card that will be best for you, will be shown in front of you by filtering it. Now click on ‘instant apply next to the bank whose credit card you like.

Now you will get a massage on your mail id or phone number from Banbazaar. In which you will be told that your credit card request has been approved. After this, you will have to upload your Document Scan on Bankbazaar website or you can also send it to the address given by them. After completing all these processes, your credit card will reach you after some time.


So hopefully, this post How to make a credit card? will help you to make a credit card, if you have any question, you can definitely comment on us friends Has explained the way.

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