How to Extract Text From Image

Do you know that How to Extract Text From Image may or may not know but after reading this post today you will know that any photo ie text written on Image How can I copy?

And with the help of this tips, you can extract the words written on any image on the internet and save it in the document.

How to Extract Text From Image
How to Extract Text From Image

Many of you must be thinking, what is the need to extract text from an image. I will write after seeing if there are one or two lines. But if the entire Pdf file of an image is there, how long will you keep looking and writing.

You all must have seen many PDF Document Files (Assignment, Project, Job Notification, Freelancer, Research Paper) which are completely Image, just convert them to Pdf.

With the help of the Tricks Tool, I am going to tell you, you can extract text from all such images, not just PDF. So let’s see that How to Extract Text From Image

How to Copy Text from Photo?

You must have seen on your internet that there are many images on which useful information is written such as Whatsapp Quotes, Motivational Quotes or some things related to knowledge.

In such a situation, if you know that by extracting and sharing the words written on the photo, then for this you should know about such tools that can extract automatic from an image, then you can also do this work manually. But you will have to spend a lot of time in it and as long as you write the text of an image in a manual way, you can copy text from many images.

To extract text from Image, you must have one of the two things below,

  • liaptop/Computer
  • Smartphone

How to Extract Text From Image Via Computer:

You will get many such tools for Computer. With whose help you can extract the text from the image. Like Adobe Photoshop If you know how to work well on Photoshop, you can also extract text from it from Image

But if you don’t know how to Photoshop Use you don’t have to worry. Online is a tool with the help of which you can remove text from an image. For this, you just have to follow 2 steps.

step 1: First you click on this website.

step 2: Now select your Image File (Jpg, PNG, Gif, TIFF, BMP) and then click Convert.

step 3: Now you will have a little process, then this website will remove all the text from the photo itself and put it in front of you and you can copy it or download it if you want.

How to Extract Text from Image Via Android Phone:

Just as you can copy text from online website, in the same way you get this feature on smartphone and with the help of an app you can copy text from any photo on mobile too. The mobile app I mentioned here is banned in India but you will get its India version alternative.

Just by following some easy steps you can do all this work on your phone too.

1: First of all you can from the Play Store Cam Scanner Download.

2: Now you open the Image to Text App. After that, if there is an image on your phone, then you click on “Import From Gallery” If you do not have an image, you can capture the picture of the image by clicking on Camera Icon.

3: Now select the image from the gallery you want to extract the text from.

4: From here, you select the area to extract the text. ( For Example- If you want to extract the text of one or two paragraphs from an image, you select that area ). And then click on OK.

5: Now your image will be cropped, after that you extract the text from the image by clicking on OCR Option. Can.

This post explains & nbsp; How to Extract Text From an Image if you want to extract text from an image. So you must read this post because in this post Android App & amp; & nbsp; Computer Software Both ways have been explained.

Hope you all liked this post and it will have been helpful for you. If you have any suggestion or question about this post, then you must comment on us.

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