How to Find Lost Android Phone?

अगर आपका Phone कही गुम हो गया है तो ये पोस्ट How to Find Lost Android Phone?  आपको फ़ोन ढ़ूढ़ने में मदद करेगी। आज हम सब की जिंदगी में Smartphone का एक अहम रोल हैं. इसी कारण हम अपने ज्यादातर काम phone से ही करते हैं.

हमारा data जैसे – document’s, mail’s, contacts, photos, videos, audios, और apps इत्यादि हमारे phone storage में ही store रहते हैं. ऐसे मे अगर phone कई lost या चोरी हो जाए तो हमारा परेशान होना लाजिमी हैं. चलिए देखते है की How to Find Lost Android Phone?

How to Find Lost Android Phone
How to Find Lost Android Phone

How to Find Lost Android Phone?

If your phone is lost or stolen somewhere and you have not installed any Cell phone tracking app in your phone. So you can take help of “Google Find My Device”.

This is a free service from Google, which helps in locating your android phone and can also remotely lock your device if needed.

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But for this, your lost phone is necessary for your Gmail should be connected to id. This happens in most cases because if you want to use any of Google’s services in your android phone, then you must have a Gmail account.

How to find lost mobile with the help of Google Find My Device:

step 1: Install Google Find My Device from Play store

step 2: Open the app, then login by entering the email address and password. Remember to login only with the email register in your lost phone.

step 3: The current location of your lost phone will appear on the screen. If the phone will switch off then the time it was switched off.

step 4: Under the phone’s location on the screen, you will see three options

1. Play Sound: Taping on this option will cause your lost phone ring, but remember if you have forgotten to keep the phone somewhere at home then only click on this option Otherwise it can be found by someone else when you ring outside.

2.Secure Device: By tapping on another option, you can lock your phone as well as you can give a massage and phone number on the lock screen. So that the person who gets your phone can contact you and return it to you.

3.Erase Device: f you have a lot of Importent data in your phone and you do not want it to touch someone else’s hands . So you can erase all the data of your lost phone by tapping on the option of Erase Device

Best Apps Tracing Mobile

With the help of Mobile Tracker Apps mentioned below, you can track your cell phone. You can download these apps from the Play store for free.

  • Where’s My Droid
  • Anti-theft alarm
  • FamiSafe
  • Family Locator
  • Glympse
  • Find My Friends
  • GeoLocator

If you are looking for ways to find your lost phone, then you can take help of Find My Device. This is a free app that you will easily find in the Play-Store. However, there is a condition here that your stolen phone should be logged with Gmail id and you should know its password. After this, you can find your lost phone by following the steps mentioned above.

So hopefully, reading this post How to Find Lost Android Phone would have helped you in finding your lost phone. If you are unable to find the phone in this way, then please explain your problem in detail below in the comment. We will try our best to solve it.

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