How to get started with Html

In this website, we cover all topic that How to get started with Html. In this article, we will discuss all the element, attributes and all other important terms.

we will explain all fit into HTML, you will learn in this article HTML element are the structure, now an HTML page is structured.

we will also discuss some important language features.

Along the way we will be opportunity to plan with this tool or html tools.

How to get started with Html

first we wil see that

What is HTML?

HTML is a hypertext markup language is not a programming language. It is a markup language that tells to the browser, that how to structure the webpages you visit.

It is consists of a series of the element, use to enclose, markup or wrap. The tags can make content into a hyperlink to connect to another page. if you want to learn more about Html you can go on this article what is HTML?

For example:-

This is a book.

it is a paragraph by enclosing or it in a paragraph (<P>) element.

<P>This is a book </p>

How to get started with Html
How to get started with Html

Anatomy of an html element

The opening tag:- This is consists of the name of the element. The is a opening tag mark (<). it is precedes in starting of the paragraph.

The content:- It is a content of the element and it is paragraph text.

The closing:- It is same as opening tag. but it is precedes in the last of the paragraph text.

Nesting Elements

It element can be placed in the other element. it makes the element that stated for “This is a book“. The word become bold.

<p> This is a <storage> book </stroage>

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