How to make money from youtube 2021

In today’s post, we are going to tell you How to make money from youtube. People will give you unique information about this. youtube is one of the most popular social sites.

How to make money from youtube
How to make money from youtube

YouTube was launched on 14 February 2005 as a video sharing website . It is often used for entertainment or knowledge.

Everyone definitely has some favourite YouTubers and YouTube channels. Inspired by October, we can also start our career as a Youtuber. So that we can make good money from youtube. And could make his name on social media.

Millions of videos are uploaded to YouTube every day. Those who have only one objective is to make money from YouTube. By the way, there are many ways to earn money on the internet. In youtube, you can start making money from day one. Let’s see How to make money from YouTube 2021.

Making money on YouTube is also easy and very difficult. If you start it with complete planning. So definitely you will start making money from YouTube very soon. That’s why understand all the steps mentioned and start accordingly.

What is youtube

YouTube is a video sharing plateform. In which any person can upload video to the world. It is a free plateform. For which you do not have to pay any kind of money.

Youtube is the service of Google and like another service of the google youtube app, you get to see every smart mobile. Therefore, the chances of the video uploaded on YouTube being viral are much more than any other internet platform.

To upload a video to YouTube, you have to create an account on YouTube called Youtube channel .

How Youtube Works/How to make money from youtube

Youtube is the second largest search engine. On which millions of people search everyday. To bring your video up in search, you have to use keywords in Tittle, Tag and description.

It promotes auto video. If you watch a video, then you are recommended a lot of videos related to it. The channel also depends on the subscriber when views on a video are high.

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Create YouTube channel and upload videos

♦ First, you need to create a youtube channel. For this, you need a Gmail account. With the help of which your youtube channel will be created.

♦ Name your YouTube channel, which is unique, short and easy to remember.

♦ Make channel art and logo design to make your channel professional.

♦ Create a video intro for your YouTube channel.

♦ Upload your own created video on your channel. Which is just your copyright.

♦ After uploading the video, share it with your video on social media. Which will give you more views.

♦ Tell people in your video to subscribe to the channel.

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