How to Recover Deleted Files?

How to Recover Deleted Files Is your important data deleted from your phone or computer and you want to bring it back. But you do not know how to bring it back. So there is no need to be upset that you are at the right place. In this post, we will tell you how to recover a deleted file from the phone. (How to Recover Deleted Files).

How to Recover Deleted Files
How to Recover Deleted Files

How to Recover Deleted Files?

Step 1: Install DiskDigger Photo recovery app on your Android phone.

Step 2: After opening the app, you have to tap on the option of ‘Start Basic Photo Scan’.

Step 3: After a while scanning all your deleted photos will have been recovered. Tick ​​whatever you need to recover and tap on the button of “RECOVER”.

Step 4: Now select the location to save the photo, that is, where you want to save it. Click on the second option which is the file manager. Your photo will be successfully recovered.

If you cannot retrieve that main photo from DiskDigger because it happens many times. So you can try using these other photo recovery app.

Top 5 Photo Recovery App for Android

  • DigDeep Image Recovery
  • Restore Image (Super Easy)
  • Dumpster
  • Undeleter
  • EaseUS MobiSave

How to Recover All Deleted Files?

You have to take this step when you want to recover all your types of files. For this you will need to root your phone. Read this post to know how to root the phone. Now follow the steps given below.

Step 1: Install this app called ‘Undeleter’ from Play-Store.

Step 2: On opening the app, the first option will be Restore Type on your screen, in this, you have to click on Restore Files

Step 3: The root permission should be enabled for the app to be able to scan your phone storage. If not, enable it and then click on Internal Storage

Step 4: Now you have to choose Scan Types in which you get two options 1) Deep Scan, 2) Generic Scan. If you want to recover any particular file types like- Images, video, audio, and documents, then click on Deep Scan

Step 5: Now select the file type you want to recover and click ‘Scan’.

Step 6: The scan process will start and gradually all your files will be visible to you.

Step 7: Select whichever file you want to recover, now on the top right hand side you will see the option of Save File, click on it. Finally, select the file where you want to save it and then click on ‘Restore’.

By using these file recovery apps, you can restore all the deleted files of your phone. If you just want to recover photos, then you can use many other android apps like DiskDigger Photo recovery, Dumpster and EaseUS MobiSaver. If you have any questions or suggestions related to this post How to Recover Deleted Files? then please tell in the following comment.

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