how to remove hyperlink in word

how to remove hyperlink in word In today’s post, we are going to tell you about the hyperlink. As if you people will know that the website is made by joining many pages.

All these pages can be linked to each other by the link of html. All these websites have a menu. And you can access any other pages by clicking on any menu. Which you see menu in the whole website. All those menus are made from html links only.

Whenever you people serach in google. So google shows you many links in the result page. Whenever you click on the link, you are reached to the related site.

That is, we cannot find information about anything on the internet without a link. This shows that the link is very important. Let’s know about the hyperlink. So friends, to know about the hyperlink, read this post of our how to remove hyperlink in word till the end.

how to remove hyperlink in word
how to remove hyperlink in word

What is hyperlink

The hyperlink is called the link in the stored form. This is an HTML object. Which helps in moving from one page to another page of the website. When we click in its menu. You get a hyperlink on every webpage.

If you say it in simple words, the link is an HTML object. Which works to connect the two webpages. You can attach a link to an image, text and HTML object in any webpage.

Most link color is blue (blue) b. You can use this color with the help of html and css whenever a link is attached to the text. So the color of that text becomes blue. And the underline also falls. But nowadays most people remove the underline. So that the look of the website looks good.

Whenever a link is attached to an image and when the mouse moves the corsor to that image, it is called hover in html. This is how attrached line on image.

Image Link:  <a href=””><img src=”/images/small-image.jpg” alt=”Small image”></a>

Such links are attrached on the text.

Text link:  <a href=””>What is hyperlink </a>

Type of hyperlink

There are many links in hyperlink. Below we have explained some links.

  • local link
  • Internet  Link
  • External link
  • Download link

local link

In this, if a link is available in the same server or same page, then it is called local.

Internet  Link

By the way, it is only a link. After clicking on the image, text and other HTML object on any website, it gets redirected to any other page within the domain. That is, you can open any page of the same domain

Whenever you open a website, you must have seen the menu bar on the website. By clicking on that menu, you can go to any page of the website. This is called the internet.

example;- <a href =””> beginnerdetai </a>

External link

By the way, this is also a link. By clicking on it, it gets redirected from one domain to another. If you put a link to any other website on the website, then it is called External link.

example <a href => click here <a>

Download link

It is like a local link and external link. But in this, the address of the file is inserted instead of the url of the page. By which click on file starts downloading.

Add hyperlink in ms word

Below we have shown you the step to add hyperlink.

First you have to take any text or link on which you want to add the link.

Select the Insert tab.

Then you will see the hyperlink option above the text or link.

Then you put the url on that hyperlink. Whichever website you have to put a link to.

The link will be added by clicking on ok.

how to remove hyperlink in word

Any hyperlink you have to remove. You select it.

Then go to insert tab.

You will see hyperlink in it. Then edit it.

Then you have to click on the remove link in it.

Your hyperlink will be removed.

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