How To Reset Clear CMOS – 3 Ways You Can Reset/Clear

How To Reset Clear CMOS In this post today we will give you 3 Ways You Can Reset or Clear CMOS Settings . Let’s see how to CMOS Settings Reset .

How To Reset Clear CMOS - 3 Ways You Can ResetClear
How To Reset Clear CMOS – 3 Ways You Can ResetClear

Clearing the CMOS on the motherboard reset the PC’s BIOS system to their default factory settings.

There is also a reason to clean CMOS, because it helps in having Trabulsuit or solvent due to computer problems or hardware compatibility issues.

By resetting the BIOS multiple times, Dead pc also turns on again.

What is a motherboard?

You can also clear CMOS to reset

BIOS or System level password. If you have made some changes in the BIOS of the PC. And you are facing any kind of problem. So you can also clear CMOS.

Below are three different ways to clear CMOS. From which you can choose any one method. Which you think are easy or your problem can be solved.

What is CMOS?

What is MCB?

How To Reset Clear CMOS

1. Clear CMOS With the “Factory Defaults” Option:

The easiest way to clear CMOS is to select Factory default level Reset BIOS Settings in the BIOS Setup utility. Then press the key of BIOS setup that appears on your screen. It often contains keys for Delete or F2.

If Delete or F2 are not working. So type F8, F10, Esc or Tab. And if the key display is not happening when the PC is restarted. Then you should check the manual of your PC or motherboard.

Then you will see the option of Reset in BIOS. It can be named by default Reset to default, Load factory defaults, Clear BIOS settings, Load setup defaults.

You select. And press the Enter key to confirm. Your BIOS will switch to its default settings.

2. Clear CMOS by Reseating the CMOS Battery:

Reset CMOS battery to clear cmos:

Another way to clear CMOS is to reset the CMOS battery.

Follow these steps –

Shut down your computer or laptop. Then unapplied it. If you have a laptop, then take out its battery as well.

Wait 5 minutes after removing the battery. Then put the battery back in the motherboard and turn on your PC.

By disconnecting and reconnecting the CMOS battery. You remove the power source that saves your computer’s BIOS settings, so that it is reset to Default.

3. Clear CMOS Using Motherboard Jumper:

If your BIOS is not Accessible.

So almost all motherboards have a jumper that can be used to clear CMOS settings.

This is especially useful if the BIOS is protected with a password and you do not remember the password.

Shut down your PC, then find a jumper that appears in this image on the motherboard. It is usually near the CMOS battery or BIOS chip and is labeled CLEAR CMOS, CLRPWD, PASSWORD or just CLEAR

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