How to Root Android Phone?

In this post How to Root Android phone? you will learn about how to root the phone. Rooting the phone is very easy. There are many Android rooting apps available in the Play Store.

By using which you will root your phone in just one click. But many users have doubts about whether it is right to root the phone? What happens by rooting the phone. What are the disadvantages of rooting the phone? Let’s see that How to Root Android Phone?

How to Root Android Phone
How to Root Android Phone

What is Rooting in Android Device

Rooting is a process through which you can get full access to the phone’s system directory. Apart from this, you can also change the way to operate the phone’s operating system.

With rooted phone, you can often use unapproved apps which you do not get the rights to install. You can even uninstall pre-installed apps.

So rooting an android device means that you have gained control over the phone’s administrative privileged after which you can customize the system according to your own.

Benefits of Rooting a Phone

When you root the android device, you have control over many sub-systems of the phone. After which such user is also called Super User, which has many advantages.

1. There are some apps that your system does not allow to be installed or they are not able to work better. So in rooted phone you will be able to install those Incompatible apps.

2. There are already many such unwanted pre-installed apps in our phone, which do not have much work in our phone. After rooting the phone, you can free your phone space by uninstalling such apps.

3. Along with improving the performance of your android phone, you can also increase the battery life of the phone.

4. Until now you could only use pre-installed themes, but after rooting the phone, you can also load the custom theme.

5. You can install custom ROM in your phone, this will greatly improve the processing speed of your phone

6. You can completely block ADS on Rooted Android phone .

Disadvantages of Rooting Android Device

There are also many disadvantages of rooting the phone that you should know. Below are the risks of rooting the phone, read them and decide for yourself:

1. If you root the phone, then your warranty expires. If your phone encounters a problem, your manufacturer’s will refuse to replace it.

2. If a problum occurs while rooting, your phone may also be dead (bad).

3. Your smartphone can become a target of viruses, malware, adware and all kinds of scrapware. When you change the code of a software in a rooted phone, the probability of spreading the virus increases

4. You do not get any latest version of android after rooting the phone but you can install custome version.

These were some disadvantages, keeping in mind that you should decide whether to root the phone or not. But if you think it is more beneficial to root the phone, then you can follow the steps given below.

How to root Android Phone in Hindi

How to Root Android Phone?

Before rooting your phone, you have to take care of some things like:

1. Take full backup of the phone before rooting

2. Allow Unknown Sources by going to the phone’s Privacy Setting.

3. The rooting process can take time, so keep the mobile battery at least 30% in charge.

4. If the phone is not rooted at once, enable the option of USB Debugging and OEM Unlocking in the phone. For this, you have to go to Phone Setting and tap on the option of About Phone. In this section, you have to tap on the Build number 6 to 7 times, this will make your phone the ‘Developer option enable .

5. In Phone Setting itself, you have to find the Developer option and enable USB Debugging and OEM Unlocking.

Steps to Root Phone from KingRoot

Step 1: Go to this link and download the Kingroot App.

Step 2: Open the app and tap on ‘Try to Root’.

Step 3: Now the root process will start, it will take a few minutes, you have to wait. In the middle, the phone can be restarted, open the app again and continue the root process.

Step 4: As soon as rooting will be 100% Green Tick will appear on your phone screen. This means your phone has been successfully rooted.

So you can root your phone successfully using Phone rooting tools like this. Rooting the device is always a delicate process, so follow the right steps and be aware of the risks involved.

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5 best android app

ingRoot is an app with the help of which you can root your Android device in a few seconds without any problems. If you are failing then use these other apps.

5 Best Android Root Apk

  1. Kingo Root –
  2. Super SU –
  3. Farmaroot –
  4. iRoot –
  5. One-Click Root –

How to know if Phone Root is there?

To check whether the phone is rooted or not? You can take help of Root Checker toolsYou can do this in a few minutes by following the steps given below.

step 1: Install Root Checker from Play-Store.

step 2: Open the app and tap on ‘Verify Root’ to check the root.

step 3: In this step you will know whether your phone is rooted or not. Such message appears in case the phone is not rooted, see the image below.

Hopefully by reading this post How to Root Android Phone? , you will be able to turn your phone into a rooted device. Routing is a very serious process, so in case of any problem, you can ask us in the comment below.

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