HTTPS full form

Do you know what the HTTPS full form is and what is HTTP & HTTPS you guys must have shown HTTP and HTTPS in the address bar of the browser? Must have seen HTTP in the URL of the website.

This question must have come in your mind that what is http after all? In today’s post, we are going to tell you about http. Let’s see what is HTTPS full form and what is HTTP & HTTPS

HTTPS full form
HTTPS full form

HTTPS full form and meaning

Its full form is the Hypertext Transfer Protocol. Its latest version is HTTPS which means Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure. The protocol used to perform hypertext transfer. The same is HTTP.

HTTPS full form

The full form of HTTP is the Hypertext Transfer Protocol.

HTTPS full form in computer

The computer has an HTTP Full Form – Hypertext Transfer Protocol.

What is HTTP?

HTTP is also called a hypertext transfer protocol. This is a type of network protocol. Which www (world wide web). The meaning of this protocol is a set of rules. Which is used to exchange information between the server and web browser.

You must have shown that HTTP is written before the address of the website like So it transfer any data (text, image, video, audio, etc) between a web browser and server. Some rules have to be told for this to happen. This rule is created by the HTTP protocol itself.

protocol rules that data transfer takes place. So how will it be in the format, what is its transmission and how will the server respond. But nowadays there is no need to write HTTP in the browser because the browser uses by default HTTP. So whenever you enter the address of the website. Then automatically comes to you HTTP: //.

How does HTTP work?

This is a request-response protocol. Which becomes the medium of communication between the client and the server. The web browser acts as a client. And the webserver works like an apache or IIS server.

the server remains the file store of all the information and it responds to the server-client according to the client’s request. HTTP is a stateless protocol. That is, all the requests sent from the client are executed automatically and the connection goes close after the request

The client needs all the information it needs. He sends her request. Then the server searches and sends that information to the client.


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