ICS Full Form

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ICS Full Form

Full Form of ICS isInternet Connection Sharing
ICS Full Form
ICS Full Form
ICS Full Form

What is ICS?

ICS with one or more computers internet. In which internet connection and IP address is used. That is, ICS allows a lot of computers to connect to the internet using the same internet connection and IP address.

Like in a house, many computers can be connected to a cable or DSL modern using the same router. network address translation (NAT) allows computers to share the same ICS address share. ICS can be done using some software. windows 98, later version, support MOC OS X and internet.

ICS allows modifying the network setting of a system. In which the computer changes the gateway. Other computers of the same network can use that computer’s internet connection.

Windows users can use programs like Wingate and winProxy to get the same result. For ICS, internet connection is easiest using hardware (such as a router) and using the software.

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