Java Script vs. Java 2021

Java Script vs. Java In this post of Java today, we are going to tell you what is the difference between JavaScript and Java? And what is java? And what is javascript? So let’s see if Java Script vs. Java

Java Script vs. Java
Java Script vs. Java

What is Java Script

Java Script is a powerful scripting language. Which should be interactive; web page by adding with HTML. Is used to make. It is developed by C ++ language.

Java Script is a light-weighted scripting language. Its code is written with html. It is also called client-side scripting language This is the user’s browser .

What is web browser?

What is website?

When a client or user sends a request to any web page. So the server sends that page to html along with JavaScript code on the browser. After this, it is the responsibility of the browser to execute the code of Java Script if needed.

What is Java

Java is an Object Orientated Programming language it occurs. Whom Developed by C ++. It is used to build software and applications.

Java is a high-level language. And it is also a platform-independent language. The code written in it can be run on any platform or operating system.

All its codes are in English. Numeric code is not used in this. Let’s understand its code easily. For this reason, it has been included in a high-level programming language.

What is web publishing?

Java Script vs. Java

Java Script Java
javascript is an OOP Scripting is an Object Orientated Programming language.
It only runs in the browser.This code is run in both JVM (java virtual machine) or browser.
Its code is not easy and complicated.Its code is complicated and difficult.
It is used to create a dynamic web page with HTMLIt is used to create stand alone and live applications using applet.
You can run it in the browser without compiling it.We have to compiled its code.
It is based on prototype.These are based on the Object class.
java script is dynamic typed is a static typed language.
It contains the file extention “.js” in the file.In a Java program, the file extention is “.Java”.
It requires less memory.It uses more memory.
Java Script vs. Java

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