lan full form – What is Local Area Network?

Today, we are going to tell this post that lan full form There are many types of network. WAN, MAN, LAN. In today’s post, we will tell lan full form – What is Local Area Network?

lan full form
lan full form

Nowadays everyone uses the internet. If you also use the internet. So do you know which network you are using? Many people do not know which network they use.

You can connect two or more devices through Networking. So that he can share his information. Today we will explain to you about all types of network. Let’s see lan full form – What is Local Area Network?

lan full form

lan full form Local Area Network
lan full form

LAN Kya Hai- What is Local Area Network?

The full form of Lan is Local Area Network. And this is used for a small area. Use of an We have all the networks in a local area. Let’s connect them. If you go away from this area. Then you don’t get used to it. Cannot use the ballot.

What are networking devices?

what is switch ?

What is a network hub?

Each computer on the LAN has its own CPU (Central Processing Unit). A LAN can be connected to other LANs through Telephones Lines and Radio Waves for any distance. It can connect 100 to 1000 computers. It is used in Office, Colleges, Schools.

uses of computer

What are computer ports?

It is good for Document Sharing and Printing in Network Office. Creating a LAN does not require much hardware. This network can be easily created. Most LANs are used in Wire Connection. And nowadays it has also been used in Wire Less.

The following are the most common Local Area Network Technologies used:

  • Ethernet
  • Token
  • Ring FDDI

History of LAN

The increasing demand for computers in the 1960s led to the demand for high-speed interconnects for the computer system,

The concept of Octopus Network was introduced to the world by Lawrence Vicky Karan’s lab in 1970.

Local Area Network was used experimentally and in the early 1970s. The internet was developed at Xerox PARC between 1973 and 1974.

BENEFITS of Local Area Network

1.Local Area Network has a lot of benefits, here information is being provided about its major benefits –

2. Multiple systems can be connected to the same network simultaneously through Local Area Network.

3. Through this, the data file and other information can be easily shared.

4. The cost in this network is very less as compared to other networks, so it is used more by the people.

5. It is used for office or home.

6. You can control all the computers and other devices of your company through LAN.

7. In a company, the printer is connected to a LAN network so that all employees can print from their location. This does not require companies to buy more than one printer, this can reduce the company’s expenses.

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