LED Full Form

This article LED Full Form was writeup to important on what is led? or LED Full Form After going through this writeup, you know all information of about the led. We Will also explain the working of led and how are they different form LCDs.

It was for you to a better understanding of the topic. we will also discuss the advantages and disadvantages of led. Bulbs and led tv have becomes a part of our liver.


LED Full Form

The full form of LED is Light Emitting Diode.

What is an LED?

As you all know that the full form of LED is Light Emitting Diode. The light-emitting diode is a two-lead semiconductor light source. It is a PN- junction diode.

Which is emits the light when the light was activated. Nowadays, It is used for a lot of electrical and electronic devices. That why, it was an important electronic device and it is also used in the electronic test equipment, TVs watches, radios calculators etc.

When we compared the lighting bulbs and conventional fluorescent light sources. It is 80%, energy-efficient. The product in the light source field such as longevity, effectiveness and economical approach.

How LED works?

As you know that led has two-lead of semiconductor light source. The voltage of electrons is applied to the lead. Then the electrons recombine with electron holes.

What is data indenpendent?

It was released the energy of the whole in the form of photons and all the effect is known as electroluminescence. The colour of led light is determined by the energy.

The LED is proved the revolutionary product in the filed. Its lamps are very economical and long-lasting energy efficient. It is compared to fluorescent light sources and lighting bulbs and it also 80% energy efficient.

What is CSS?

What is the difference between LED and LCD?

It is important to known about the different between LED and LCD.

The full form of LED is a light-emitting diode.The full form of LCD is a liquid crystal display.
It is used for light-emitting diodeIt is used for fluorescent display.
The relation of led with LCD – all LED are a subset of LCD.The relation of LCD is not a subset of LED
It is placed in the behind of the screen and around the edges.It is placed in the behind the screen.
The size of the LED is thinnerThe size of the LCD is thicker.
It is an energy-efficient.It is an energy-efficient but when we compare to LED

Types of LED

  • Flash LED
  • High-Power LEDs
  • Alphanumeric LED
  • Miniature LEDs
  • Lighting LED
  • Red Green Blue LEDs

Applications of LED

  • It is use in automotive industry.
  • It is used in various displays.
  • LED is used in  dimming of light.
  • It is also in TV backlight.

What are the advantages of an LED

Energy efficient

It requires very less power and it does not produce heat. Then it reduces the cooling. It is doesn’t produce flicker and buzzing noise. For example LED TV.

Size and color

The LED are also available in very small sizes. It is can easily attach in the circuit boards.

Maintenance and Safety

It needs a very low maintenance cost and it also requires a low recycling.


It is reculable with a low recycle charges.

Better Picture Quality

It is offers a better image quality than the LCD.

Long life

It is with a proper installation. The LED can work for a long life with a low maintenance cost.

What are the disadvantages of an LED?


The LED lighting is expensive as compare to traditional light soure.

Voltage Sensitive

It is required a voltage above the threshed .

Heating emitting capacity

The LED lighting is does not much heat as compare to traditional electrical lights.

Color Shift

In some time it has a problem for color shift which is happend over time .

Dropping of efficiency

The increasing in the electrice current compare to the efficiency of the LED decrease It is a highter current, heating also increases. Which is affect in the lifetime of LED.


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