MAC full form |What is MAC Address

Do you know that MAC full form |What is MAC Address In addition to ip address, MAC address is? It varies from device to device. Through which the internet is used. That is, it is related to the internet. Because of any device in which the internet runs.

MAC full form What is MAC Address
MAC full form What is MAC Address

It has MAC address in it. MAC full form | What is MAC Address? If you want to know about MAC address, then we must read this post till the end.

MAC full form

MAC full formMedia Access Control
MAC full form

MAC full form in computer

MAC full form in computerMedia Access Control
MAC full form in computer

What is MAC Address

Media Access control (mac) is a type of binary number. Which is used for specific identification of the computer’s network adapter. That is, it is a permanent address and unique for all electronic and network devices. It is also called physical address and hardware address.

Mac has an idetification number of hardware for any electronic and networking device. It has a hexa decimal number of 12 digital. Which is in a pair of two. But it is written in three formats.

1. mm : mm : ss : ss : ss

2. mm – mm – mm – ss – ss – ss

3. mmm . mmm . sss . sss

This is called the first three digital orgnizationaly unqiue ideniter (OUI). And the last three digital are called network interface controller (NIC).

Use of MAC Address

We told you above that mac address is the identification number of any networking device and electronic hardware.

It has some common uses.

1. mac address is used in device tracking.

2. With this help, the networking device and electronic are connected to each other.

3. The mac address is used to identify the device.

4. You can block any device by using mac address filtering in Router. With which you cannot connect even after knowing the password.

5. Your computer or laptop is lost somewhere. So with the help of mac address you can find out the location of your laptop.

How to find mac address in computer

To find out the mac address of any of your computer, laptop and window pc, do these steps given below: –

1. First of all you open the command prompt in your computer.

2. After opening the command prompt press window + R.

3. Then type cmd and press enter.

4. Then type enter ip config / all cmd in cmd prompt and press enter.

5. Then you will see the mac address of computer, laptop and windows pc.

6. You can see mac address in physical address.

7. You can find out the mac address of your computer, laptop and window pc with this thar.

How to find mac address of Android mobile phone.

In mobile phones, follow the steps given below to find the mac address.

1. You have to go to your smartphone on the setting.

2. Then go to the about section.

3. Then click on the status.

4. Then you can see your mac address in wifi mac address.

But if you do not get a mac address in your smartphone about the phone. So you can see it by going in wifi setting.

1. You have to go to the setting of your smartphone.

2. You will then see the wifi option.

3. You have to click on wifi.

4. Then go to option and go to advanced setting.

5. Now your mac address will be found.

In this way you can easily remove the mac address of mobile.

Why mac address is used.

The network card has each unique mac address. The sending packet in Ethernet comes in the mac address itself and is sent to the MAC address. If a Network Adapter takes a packet. So this is comparing the Destination MAC Address of Packet to Adapter’s own MAC Address.

ff: ff: ff: ff: ff: ff This is the Special MAC Address. Which is called the Broadcast Address. This network relates each Network Adapter to any information.

ip vs mac address – what is the difference between IP and MAC address?

MAC Address and IP Address are only used to idenity any device on the internet.

MAC AddressIP Address
The MAC has fullform media access control.The full form of IP is Internet Protocol Address.
It has six byte hexadecimal address.It consists of either four byte (IPv4). There are either six byte (IPv6) address.
It provides the NIC Card’s mac address.It contains the Internet Service IP Address. Provides
ip vs mac address – what is the difference between IP and MAC address?

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