MCB full form|What is MCB

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MCB full form
MCB full form

Electricity is used daily in our homes. Nowadays electricity is used in every household. With the increasing use of electricity, its security is also very important. Having a small short circuit leads to a big accident. Therefore security from electricity is also very important.

Security can be very severe in Electricity. Let’s see that MCB full form| What is MCB

MCB full form

MCB का full formMiniature Circuit Breakers
MCB full form

Full form of MCB

The Full form of MCB isMiniature Circuit Breakers
Full form of MCB

What is MCB?

MCB is an electrical switch. It also works similar to fuse. Whenever the amount of current in any device is more. So MCB automatic only goes close. Which prevents us from loss due to short circuit.

Switch kya hai?

Nowadays MCB is used instead of the fuse in most places. But if the MCB is overloaded. Then it stops. And then it starts again after a while. But fuse has to change. Which takes a little time. For this reason, MCB is used instead of a fuse.

What is fuse?

A lot of things are required to build an MCB and all these work also vary. Such as: –

  • Tripping Lever
  • Fixed Contact
  • Body
  • Plunger
  • Load Terminal
  • Arc Chamber
  • Operating Knob
  • Supply Terminal
  • Magnetic Element
  • Operating Mechanism
  • Bi-Metallic Strip

The MCB is completed only after it has all the components. There are two types of tripping inside it. And for both these tripping different components are used in MCB.

  1. Overload current tripping
  2. Short circuit tripping

Overload current tripping

The MCB has a bimetal strip. Which is made of & nbsp; metals. In which one & nbsp; metal is heated when it spreads less than another metal is. Due to this, the current MCB increases.

Bimetal strip Warmly spreads other metals less is. And if the other metal spreads more. So this strip turns. When it turns, the tripping lever comes together. But then the MCB trip is done.

Short circuit tripping

A trip is made when a fault occurs in MCB equipment. And if there is a short circuit from inside the equipment. Even then the MCB trip takes place. There is a solenoid coil inside it. When the short circuit is done.

So the solenoid coil in the MCB starts making magnetic field. And it pushes the plunger forward. The tripping lever also gets pushed. And the MCB trip goes.

Types of MCB

There are 5 main types of MCBs. Such as: –

  • Type B MCB
  • Type C MCB
  • Type D MCB
  • Type K MCB
  • Type Z MCB

Type B MCB

Tripping of Type B MCB is between three and five times full load current. Its devices are also mainly used for residential application and light commercial. And it is also used for computer and electronic components. Leading to low pressure load PLC wiring.

Type C MCB

Its full load current is 10 ampere. In this, 50 to 100 ampere current is trip after flow.

Type D MCB

Its full load current is 10 ampere. In this 100 to 200 ampere current is trip when it flows.

Type K MCB

Its full load current is 10 ampere. In this 100 to 150 ampere current is trip after flow.

Type Z MCB

Its full load current is 10 ampere. In this, 20 to 30 ampere current is trip when it flows.

What is the difference between MCB and fuse?

One main difference between MCB and fuse is that the fuse breaks when overloaded. And changing it only reads. But this does not happen in MCB. It does not have to change. It has to be ON again.

How MCB works

MCB turns off automatic when overloaded. The circuit current flow stops. And the circuit has no loss. Until we can start by ourselves. It remains closed. So that current does not run in the circuit.

You can start the MCB by checking the circuit and checking the fault in it and in it

MCB Price

You can buy any MCB. But if we calculate and buy MCB. So our load is of 8 ampere. So we buy a switch of 10 ampere, single pole and according to our own.

If short circuit is made in electric circuit then high current is near. In this situation, the MCB only has the ability to pass any high current.

Price of MCB: –

10 ampere MCB 6 is priced at Rs 400 / -.

10 ampere MCB 10 is priced at Rs 550 / -.

Advantages of MCB

1. MCB is very easy to use. than fuse.

2. Its reliability is also better than fuse.

3. When the MCB is turned off, it also quickly turns on and restarts power. But fuse no it doesn’t.

4. If there is a problem with the circuit. It is easily identified.

  1. If there is a trip in MCB, we can restart it.

Disadvantages of MCB

1. MCB is more expensive than fuse.

2. Its board costs more, compared to fuse.

3. It cannot be repaired.

MCB Pole

1P – Single PoleIt is used for single-phase 240 voltage power supply.
2P – two PoleIt is also used for single-phase 240 voltage power supply.
3P – Three PoleIt is used for single-phase 440 voltage power supply.
4P – Four PoleIt is also used for single-phase 440 voltage power supply.
MCB Pole

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