multimedia tools and applications

In this post today, we will tell you about multimedia tools and application. In this post, multimedia tools and applications are going to give complete information about these applications.

In today’s post, we will discuss what is multimedia software, types of multimedia, components of multimedia , application of multimedia , multimedia card or multimedia projector.

multimedia tools and applications
multimedia tools and applications

multimedia software

Multimedia software is software in which picture (image), sound or film are mixed. This software has been developed for creating new content and earlies content for the auditory or visual feature.

Multimedia software includes many types of media and it is interlinked with each other.

Define multimedia

Multimedia is a type of field that controls computer-integration concern. In multimedia, Graphics, drawing, text, video, audio and animations are performed. In this, every type of information is stored, transmit and processed in digital.

multimedia tools and applications

  • Painting and drawing tools
  • Coral draw
  • 3-D modelling tools
  • Image editing tools
  • sound editing tools
  • Animation video and digital movie tools

Painting and drawing tools

It is very important to have good graphic painting for a multimedia project. With the help of this tool, a good painting can be made. And it can be designed according to your wish.

To make a good design, these tools will be very important. Both painting and design tools come with the user interface. In this, every type of option is available to design.

Coral draw

It is a vector graphic designing software. It is used for 2-dimenstional image. 2 dimenstional image like poster, logo etc. The logo or poster of any project is designed with the help of Coral draw.

This software is used to create a colorful image. Which is used for multimedia project.

3-D modelling tools

With its help, the project is called objects. The use of 3-D modeling has become very important in multimedia. This is a good 3- D modeling tool. For example 3- D model.

Image editing tools

For example, draw is made in printing and drawing tools. The image is resized in the image editing tool itself. In this, image editing tool is used to crops, size, etc.

sound editing tools

In this tool, listening to the sound is done and editing it. In this, the sound of every second can be cut, copy or paste. In multimedia project, it helps to do the sound according to the second. Example of sound editing tool cool editing software.

Animation video and digital movie tools

This is a type of animation graphics scenes. Multimedia project is recorded with the help of this tool. For this, camera, animation, and video (created for the project).

A software is also used in this. Adobe premier software and media shop pro can use either of these two.

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Types of multimedia

  1. Text Material
  2. Photographs
  3. Audio files
  4. Video Presentation
  5. Common file type in multimedia

Text Material

Text is very old in multimedia but the internet started with itself. Nowadays, the is not used. Texts are mostly used to create digital content. As if you are reading this post, it is also written thought text itself.


photographs or image have enhanced the image by replacing the text. You often look at text and image together. Shows image text creatively.

Audio files

Nowadays audio of any content is put. Audio is also used in the video. After the arrival of audio, we are able to show the video of audio on the internet.

Video Presentation

The video is told from combine in the type of multimedia. There is image text and sound in the background. Nowadays the use of video has increased a lot.

Common file type in multimedia

audioWAN , WMA, MP3
text with another elementDOCX, PDF , DOC
text onlyTXT
video WMV, FLV, MOV, AVI, MP4
animationGIF, FLV
common file types in multimedia

components of multimedia

components of multimediauses
communication networksToken ring, AIM Intranet , FDDI , internet ethernet
computer systemMPEG/ DSP hardware/ video,workstations, mutimedia desktop machine
Display devicesHDTV, cd-quality speakers, Hi-Res monitors, SVGA, colour printer etc
storages devicescd-Roms, Jaz / zip files, hard disk
capture devicesvideo recorder, video camera, keyboard, mice, graphics tablets, VR devices, 3d input device, sampling hardware.
components of multimedia

application of multimedia

  • games
  • virtual reality
  • hypermedia courseware
  • worldwide web
  • video conferencing
  • Interactive TV
  • video on demand
  • Groupware
  • home shopping
  • production of the em and digital video editing
  • multimedia database system
  • virtual reality

multimedia tools and applications

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