Page Layout in MS Word?

Page Layout in MS Word MS Word Key Page Layout Tab contains all the options that help From this, the user can set the  Layout of the Document Page according to his own.

Depending on how the user wants their document to appear, they should be able to adjust the page size, orientation, margin, columns, etc. The facility to customize is available here.

Page Layout in MS Word
Page Layout in MS Word

Page Layout is the third number tab in MS Word. In the below post we have given information about all the options given in this tab. After reading which you can set your Document Layout as you want.

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Page Layout Tab Keys and Their Uses

When you click on the Page Layout Tab with the mouse, you will see these three groups Page Setup, Paragraph, and Arrange. Below you are told about the commands included in each group and their use.

Page Setup

This group of Page Layout Tabs allows the user to change the size and layout of the document page. The names of the commands present in the Page Setup group and their use are given below.

Margins – This is the space between the text and the border on your Word document page, which is one inch by default. You can set the margin as Normal, Narrow, Wide, etc. based on your requirement. Can change to.

Orientation – With the help of this command, you can display the document page in Portrait (Vertical) and Landscape (Horizontal) direction.

Size – This command provides the facility to change your document page to different sizes. Using this command you can set the document page size A3, A4, A5, etc. can be changed.

Columns – You can use this command to split a paragraph into two or more columns.

Breaks – You can use this command to move the document text to a new page.

Line Numbers – You can use this option to number each line of your document page.

Hyphenation – Use this option to automatically hyphenate a Word document.


This is the second number group inside the Page Layout tab. With its help, the user can adjust the indent of the paragraph and the spacing between them.

Indent – ​​Using Left and Right Indent, you can choose how far a paragraph should be moved from the Left and Right Margin.

Spacing – With the help of this option, you can decide how much space should be above and below the selected paragraph.


Arrange group in Page Layout Tab is used for different objects such as Pictures, Shapes, etc. It is used to organize the document in a better way. All the commands included in this group and their uses are described below.

Position – Use this option to place an object anywhere in the document page. Whenever you place an object in one place on a document page, the text there will automatically be gathered around that object so that it is easier to read.

Wrap Text – With the help of this option, you can choose how the text will be wrapped around an object in the document.

Bring Forward – Use this option to bring the selected object in front of text or any other object in the document.

Send Backward – Use this when you want to send the selected object behind text or any other object.

Selection Pane – This option helps you to easily find your own object and select it to position it.

Align – You can use this option to align objects on a Word document page, position it, and set the grid-line on the page.

Group – With this option, you can group objects for any one reason and change their size and determine their position.

Rotate – When you want to rotate the selected object in the document or rotate it in different directions. You can select this option at that time.

So this was the introduction of MS Word’s Page Layout Tab. If you are working on a document in Word and you have to change its layout. So this post will help you to understand all the options of the Page Layout Tab.

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