PAN Full Form

Today we are going to know about your PAN Full Form and related information. In all the countries in the world, people living in those countries are required to have an identity card. Because of that identity card, a person is a resident of which country it is determined.

PAN Full Form
PAN Full Form

People of every country have different identity cards and this is very useful in our life too. There are many cards in our country through which people are identified. Such as Aadhar Card, Voter Card, Driving license etc.

Not many people know about Pan Card. So in today’s post PAN Full Form which you will get complete information by reading once completely.

PAN Card is very important for the identity of the bank as well as for the work related to the bank. Let’s see PAN Full Form

PAN Full Form

PAN Card Full FormPermanent Account Number
PAN Full Form

Meaning Of Pan Card

Pan Card means Permanent Account Number PAN. The permanent account number is a ten-digit alphanumeric number. Which is issued as a laminated card by the Income Tax Department.

Some such type of number CUZPA1822R is written on the Pan Card. This number is called the PAN number itself.

It is also mandatory to write the Pan Card Number in all the documents related to financial transactions notified on time by the Central Board of Financial Direct Tax.

What is the meaning of Pan card number?

There is a 10 digit Alphanumeric Number in the Pan Card. In which every digit has a meaning. Pan Card is issued under Income Tax Act 139A. Here’s what you mean by the 10 digit Alphanumeric number in the PAN card. See step by step below

  • A – Association of Persons (AOP)
  • B – Body of Individuals (BOI)
  • C – Company
  • F – Firm
  • G – Government
  • H – HUF (Hindu Undivided Family)
  • L – Local Authority
  • J – Artificial Judicial Person
  • P – Individual
  • T – AOP (Trust)

Which document is required to make a PAN card?

Some document is required to make a PAN card: – which is explained below.

  • Birth Certificate
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Passport
  • Driving License
  • Voter Card

Method of checking PAN card

You can check PAN card status on any of the sites mentioned below.

UTI Portal 


NSDL Portal

How to check PAN Card Status

Follow the steps given below: –

1) Click on the UTI site of the PAN card on the tracking page.

2) Then enter Application Coupon Number or your Existing PAN

3) After entering Captcha Code and submit.

4) After clicking on submit button, you get to know your PAN status through UTI.

PAN card checking the website

1) Visit the TIN-NSDL portal.

2) Then select “PAN – New / Change Request” on the section of the application.

3) After selecting, do the Name section. Through which you can check whether PAN card status without acknowledgment number is there or not.

4) Then you have to enter Last Name, First Name, Middle Name and Date of Birth .

5) Then click on the “ Submit ” button.

Benefits of pan card

1. PAN Card protects you from problems like tax.

2. PAN card is considered profitable to connect to Celery account.

3. PAN Card Tax is considered to be a very beneficial identity card for donors.

4. PAN card is used in all kinds of job part time in today’s time.

5. You can use PAN Card as Identity Proof at any place anywhere in India.

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