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Prepaid and postpaid meaning

Prepaid and postpaid meaning:- The main difference between prepaid and postpaid is about the mobile plan when you pay your bill. On the aid plan, you have to pay the bill in the for your phone service upfront.

On the postpaid plan, you have to pay the bill at the end of the month based on your usage. A prepaid plan is the better choice are you looking to control your spend.

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Once you have used all data allowance your have paid for, then after your service will be cut off. It means that if you used data. so, you must recharge on your mobile phone.

In postpaid plans, we can use your data in the mobile. After one month you can pay your bill. postpaid plans is can come with lock-in-contracts. whereas prepaid plans is a strictly no-commitment.

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Prepaid plans

It is work by having the recharge in the mobile before you used. You can recharge according to the range of prices. And you can also switch off the option it does not need in your plan.

Prepaid recharges it does not forever. It will be set expiry like 30 days. It means that your user data up to 30 days. If your recharge used to expire in between of the month and you wanted to use again in the between of month. so, you can recharge for any type of plan. There is some recharge plan. which is expire in 28 days or 30 days.

Postpaid Plans

The postpaid plan is an agreement. In this, you have chosen the plan according to the monthly or yearly. On the postpaid plan, you can use the data than before you can pay the bill at the end of monthly or yearly. This type of recharge is only for SIM. It means that you have to pay for the phone service. Postpaid plans is always include unlimited talk.

Prepaid Vs Postpaid Connection

In this, you have to pay them
before the data used.
In this you can use the data then pay the bill
It is the Cost of plans is LessIt is the Cost of plans is Comparatively high.
The Prepaid plan was Rigid The Prepaid plan was Flexible.
It Credit card is Limited.It Credit card is Unlimited
The bill of prepaid is not provided The bill of postpaid is provided to the customer.


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