Quad 9 DNS Service Blocks Malicious Domains

Domain Name Servers (DNS) are required for the Internet. Every computer or mobile device uses DNS to access websites, email servers, and more.

The most commonly configured DNS services include ISP’s DNS, Google DNS, and OpenDNS.

The most commonly used IP address for the Internet is This DNS server is run by Google. You can use this Google’s DNS server instead of your ISP’s DNS, which is the fastest and most reliable. You can configure it on your computer or router.

But while Google’s DNS is fast, it still does not protect you from malware and other Internet threats.

So, recently a new DNS service named Quad 9 was introduced.

Quad 9:
Quad9 is a free security solution that protects your system against the most common cyber threats.

It improves the performance of your system, at the same time, it also protects your privacy.

Quad 9 has so far analyzed 40 billion web pages and images for malware and flagged them in its DNS database. This allows it to block requests for these malicious IP addresses from computers using its DNS servers.

If your PC uses Quad 9 for DNS, it can be protected from these malicious websites and malware blocks.

By default, all Windows PCs use their ISP’s DNS servers. But they probably have no protection, so you could inadvertently connect to a website with malware.

Switching to Quad 9 DNS enhances the security of your PC by blocking bad URLs and IP addresses.

Quad9 blocks all known malicious domains and prevents malware and phishing sites from connecting to your computer.

Whenever a Quad9 user types a website link or website address into a web browser, Quad9 checks these sites in IBM X-Force’s Threat Intelligence Database of more than 40 billion web pages and images.

Quad9 feeds from 18 additional threat intelligence partners to block a large portion of the threat, thereby reducing the risk of threats to users and businesses.

This service exists to provide a more secure Internet for all.

Quad9 DNS Service Blocks Malicious Domains
Quad9 DNS Service Blocks Malicious Domains

Who is Quad 9?

Quad 9 was founded by IBM, Packet Clearing House and Global Cyber ​​Alliance. You may not have heard of the other two names, but IBM’s involvement is significant. It monitors, among other things, 35 billion security events every day.

The Quad 9 also has several partners, such as F-Secure.

How To Use Quad 9?

Basically, the Quad 9 acts as a filter, blocking access to the bad stuff on the internet.

It’s free and only takes a minute to set up, with no software required.

It can also be removed in less time.

If you want to use Quad 9, you will need to change the network adapter configuration on your PC to use instead of the DNS server provided by your ISP.

To Change DNS in Windows PC –
Open Control Panel.

Click on Network and Internet -> Network and Sharing Center.

Click on Change adapter settings on the left side.

Right-click on Local Area Connection and select Properties.

If you are using wireless, right-click on Wireless Network Connection and select Properties.

Select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) from the list in the Networking tab and then click on the Properties button at the bottom.

Now type in the Preferred DNS server of Use the following DNS server addresses.

Save the settings by clicking OK.

How does Quad9 work?

Quad9 routes your DNS queries through a secure network of servers around the world. The system uses more than a dozen industry-leading threat intelligence to create a database of which websites are safe and which websites contain malware or other threats.

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