Shutdown Restart Buttons Windows

Shutdown Restart Buttons Windows

To go to Shut Down and Restart Button in Windows 8, you have to move the mouse to the lower right side of the window or press [Windows + C] key, then here the slide-out menu also called Charms Bar will come. Here, Power has to be clicked from the Settings option.

If you are finding it very difficult, then you can keep the ShutDown and Restart buttons on your desktop. How?


Desktop  Go to and right click anywhere in the empty world there.

Select New – Shortcut|

Now the Create Shortcut window will open. Here type this code below Type the location of the item – shutdown /s /t 0

Click Next|

Here enter the name of the shortcut for Shutdown|

Click the Finish Button|

Shutdown Restart Buttons Windows
Shutdown Restart Buttons Windows

Now you can see the shot cut of Shutdown on the desktop.

Go to Properties – Change Icon by right clicking on this icon.

Choose the appropriate picture for the Shutdown icon from here.

With this method, you can prepare the restart button by typing shutdown /g /t 0.

After both the icons are created, you can keep them in the application window, for that copy and paste them in the location given below.

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