3 Simple Ways to Use Bullet Point Aid in Excel

In today’s post, we are going to tell you Three easy ways to do bullet point aid in Excel. Let’s see that three easy ways to do bullet point aid in Excel.

Bullets are great for keeping your information organized, especially if you have a lot of text lists in your spreadsheet.

Simple Ways to Use Bullet Point Aid in Excel
Simple Ways to Use Bullet Point Aid in Excel

But, unlike most word processors, Excel doesn’t have a button to add a bullet. Although this sounds like a simple thing, Microsoft has neglected it in all their versions to include it.

It doesn’t mean that you can’t aid bullet points in MS Excel. You just have to know how to do it.

Today I will tell you about 3 ways how you can easily aid bullet points.

So what’s the delay, just open a new spreadsheet and learn how bullet points are aided!

Use of design tab in MS Word

1) Add Bullets With Keyboard Shortcut

Keyboard shortcuts are the easiest way to aid bullet points in your list of spreadsheets.

First, you have to type your list. Then double-click on the cell in which you want to add bullet points. You can also activate that cell and press the F2 key from the keyboard.

Then, press these keys from the keyboard to bullet-

Alt + Numpad 7


Alt + Numpad 9

7 gives solid fill bullet, while 9 gives unfilled bullet.

If you want to type this bullet list in the same cell, you have to press Alt + Enter from the keyboard to go to another line in the same cell.

To add another bullet to your list, press Alt + Enter to move to another line in the same cell, then press the shortcut for the second bullet.

2) Using the Symbol

Nowadays many keyboards do not have a number pad. So this second method is for those users whose keyboard does not have this number pad or who do not want to use these AutoHotKey. They can add bullets manually.

Now double click in the cell once again.

From the Insert tab and click on the Symbol button.

Now the Symbol window will open. From here select the icon you want to use as a bullet.

Now click on Insert button and close the window of this symbol.

You now have a bullet in your cell!

Press Alt + Enter from the keyboard to get to a new line again.

To save you some time, type the number 2022 in the character code box to get to the bullet quickly. As shown in the square in the image above.

That way you won’t have to scroll until you find it.

3) Copy Bulleted List

Another simple method you can use. And that is you type your bulleted list in Word first.

Then from there, you can copy and paste this list into Excel.

Now as you can see in the above image, I have pasted the copied list of words in excel in two ways.

If you paste this list directly into Access, this list will be pasted in different cells in the same row.

Same as if you double-click in a cell, and then paste, the whole list will be in a single cell with bullets.

Friends, here are three simple ways that can help you organize your Excel data. Which method did you like? If you have any doubt related to this post (3 easy ways to aid bullet point in Excel) then definitely comment us below.

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