Single Click Boost Computer Speed

Your computer is performing very slowly? So there are many reasons for this. You may have installed too many programs, didn’t do the maintenance like Disk Cleanup or Defragments. Apart from this, when you install a program, its bits get spread all over the system and this results in a slow PC.

Now you have many basic methods like Disk Cleanup, Defragments, clean junk and temp files to boost PC speed. Apart from this, there are other ways to increase the speed of PC. But if you are not a computer expert, then the best solution for you is to use the following simple but free software –

1) Jetboost:

Single Click Boost Computer Speed
Single Click Boost Computer Speed

Jet boost shuts down all unnecessary processes and services according to your needs in one click |

JetBoost frees up more resources by shutting down all unnecessary processes and services. In a pinch, your PC starts giving the highest performance. It scans all system processes and services, categorizes them into four major categories and provides three ways to boost PC. Clean memory, lower process priority, stop Explorer.exe etc. to give the high performance of JetBoost PC. Works too

2) Advanced SystemCare 7 Free

Advanced SystemCare 7 Free offers one click to protect, repair, clean and optimize PC. It repairs and tunes your PC to boost its speed and maintain it.

3) CCleaner:

CCleaner is another most popular tool to increase the performance of PC. It clears all temporary files, Windows registry and deletes browser histories. Increases disk space by permanently deleting all deleted files |

Many sites provide a link to download CCleaner but download it from the authorized site.

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