Single Phase Induction Motor

Single Phase Induction Motor : – In today’s article, we are going to tell you what a single phase inductor motor is. And the type of single phase inductor means how many types of single phase motor are there. And how does it work. So friends, read this post to know about single phase inductor motor.

Single Phase Induction Motor
Single Phase Induction Motor

What is Single Phase Induction Motor

Single Phase Induction Motor has one phase and neutral. Due to working in a phase in it, it is called Single Phase . For example, in a three phase motor, 433 volt supply is given in three phase. The motor is driven in a single phase in 230 volt.

What is a voltage stabilizer?

The work of Single Phase Induction Motor is carried out in accordance with Siddhant Faraday’s rule followed by Three Phase Induction Motor. But a threephase motor has a Generate magnetic flux. And the same single phase motor has an Alternative Generate magnetic flux.

What is Single Phase Induction Motor

Single Phase Why does not motor self start?

Three phase motor self starting. But single phase motor self is not starting. It is made as a self starting motor. A rotating magnetic field is required to rotate this type of motor. Which can make two or more phase supply possible. It is not possible to have two or more phase supplies in a single phase. This is why it is not self starting.

How does Single Phase Induction Motor Self Start?

Single phase supply has 90 ‘Degree electrical angle. It has to be changed to 120 ‘Degree. In this, one phase is converted into another phase. So that a phase can be divided into two parts. Special methods are used to distribute it. Doing this makes motor self starting.

Types Of Single Phase Motor

Classification of single phase AC motor occurs. Follows the process of starting him self.

All single phase have different names. This name is used to make the motor self starting.

1 – Induction Motor

2 – Commutator Motor

3 – Synchronous Motor

There are also some types of these motors.

1. Capacitor start motor (capacitor start motor)

2. Ripelson motor (Ripelson motor)

3. Commutator motor (commutator motor)

4. Resistance start motor (resistance & start motor)

5. Capacitor start capacitor run motor (capacitor start & nbsp; capacitor & nbsp; run motor)

6. Shaded pole motor

7. University motor (university motor)

8. Permanent capacitor motor (Permanent capacitor motor)

What is the use of single phase motor?

Single phase Induction motor is used for small machinery. It is mostly used for electrical equipment of domestic Vapras. Such as Ceiling Fan, Table Fan, Washing Machine, Mixer Machine, Flour Mill, Refrigerator, Pump motor and Drill Machine.

Advantages single phase motor

1. Single Phase Motor Manufacturing costs less. So it gets cheaper.

2. Power supply lasts up to 230 volt. And a phase and Neutral are used in it. 230 volt power is supplied in our homes. For this reason there is no problem of supply.

3. Maintenance Coast is also less than the Three Phase AC Motor.

4. Its weight is light.

5. It is smaller in size.

6. It can be easily taken anywhere.

7. Due to its low load current, I2R & nbsp; According to the Losis also are reduced.

Disadvantages of single phase motor

1. Self starting does not occur in single phase motor.

2. Its starting torque is low.

3. There is no protection in it. Protection is not effective in over load.

4. Speed ​​changes with load in Single Phase Induction Motor.

What is the difference between Single Phase and Three Phase motor?

Below is to tell you about the difference between Single Phase and Three Phase motor.

Single Phase motorThree Phase motor
Single Phase Motor works on single phase supply in single.Three phase is one such motor. Which serves to supply three phase.
It does not contain Self Starting .It contains Self Starting happens.
Capacitor or other component is connected with winding to make it Self Start .To start it starter is not required for.
In Single Phase motor only two types of winding are done in the Stator. Which is called Auxiliary Winding or Main Winding . No winding is done on the rotor.The Stator of the Three Phase motor and two different types of Three phase winding are done in the Rotor.
What is the difference between single phase and three phase motor?

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