SMPS full form| What is SMPS

Do you know that SMPS full form nowadays everyone uses computer or laptop, but there are different parts inside computer or laptop also. So these parts need electricity to run.

SMPS full form
SMPS full form

But the electricity we use in our homes. These parts need much less power than that. Such as TV, Fridge and iron etc. It uses all direct 220 voltage – up to 240 voltage.

But this power is directly supplied to the computer or part of the laptop. Then part of the computer or laptop will burn. So how much electricity does the computer need? This is what we are going to tell you in today’s post about how there is voltage control inside the computer. And who does this? Let’s see if SMPS full form

SMPS full form

smps full formSwitched Mode Power Supply
smps full form

full form of SMPS

full form of SMPSSwitched Mode Power Supply
full form of SMPS

What is SMPS

Switched Mode Power Supply (SMPS) is a power supply unit (PSU) that converts unregulated AC or DC voltage into regulated DC by using switching devices. Is.

Like electricity which is supplied in our house. So it is an alternating current (AC). But computer requires stable and efficient power supply.

SMPS is used to provide power to different components in a computer. Which turns AC into constant energy. Which is called direct current DC.

SMPS is an electronic circuit. These electronic devices include a combination of capacitors, inductors and semi-conductor devices such as diodes and MOSFETs.

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SMPS in computer – what is SMPS in computer

In a computer or laptop, SMPS is part of a hardware. Which is fitted inside the case. If you open the computer, a tin box will appear in its backside. The work of SMPS is to provide power to use different parts (Ram and motherboard) in the computer.

Major functions of SMPS

Functions of SMPS:

1. To start electronic devices, it works by supplying power until it is loaded from source.

2. It converts a wall voltage AC power to low voltage DC power.

3. Regulating electric power in input voltage provides reliable output.

4. Different components in the computer require electric power. SMPS provides power to every part according to its requirement.

What is Direct current and Alternative current.

In direct current, the flow of charge is in both the direction i.e. it flows in both positive to negetive and negetive to positive direction. Its charge flows in one direction in the direct current. That is, it is in the direction of positive to negetive.

Like the battery that is used in the TV and watch in your home, DC current comes out from that battery. And that is a personal supply in our house. It is alternative current.

In computers and laptops, let DC current, then devices are used only after converting alternative current to DC current. The same is SMPS.

Type of SMPS

  1. DC to DC Converter
  2. Forward Converter
  3. Flyback Converter
  4. Self Oscillating Fly back converter

DC to DC Converter

In this type of SMPS, high voltage DC and DC power source are obtained. DC power is switched on in the 15 KHz – 5 Hz range. Then place it in a step down transformer. Whose frequency is up to 50 Hz. The output from the transformer is fed forward into the rectifier.

is used as the source for the electric device. In this, the puls regulate the switching power supply output using width moduation. And it is operated with switch PWM oscillator. This brings step down transformer into automatic control.

This is why the output is controlled with PWM. Both these output voltage and PWN signals are inversely proportional to each other. So that when this duty cycle is exceeded, the maximum power is passed through the transformer. But if the duty is less. So the power dissipation in transformer is less.

Flyback Converter

It has very low output power. It is very sample circuit compared to spms circuit, it is used for low power application. With the help of MOSFET, unregulated input voltage is converted to preferred output voltage with continuous results. The switching frequency is up to 100 KHz.

Forword converter

This is just like the flyback converter. However, different methods are used to control the switch. It is also known as DC – DC buck converter. There is a transformer in it. Which are used for scaling and isolation. If the switch turns ON. Then input is given for the primary winding of the transformer.

Self Oscillating Fly back converter

It is very sample and basic converter. It works above the flyback. The switching transistor at the time of conduction increases according to the primary one slope from the transfer.

Key parts of computer SMPS

Some key parts inside computer like: –

1. Hit sink : – It absorbs heat when the transistor is hot.

2. Transistor : – This switches the power.

3. Choke coil : – which gets DC current. It works to smooth it.

4. Rectifier : – It converts AC power to DC. Which is called diode.

5. Transformer : – It controls the incoming voltage by up and down

6. Capacitor : – It filters unregulated DC from rectifier. And changes it to smooth DC.

Advantages of SMPS

1. smps has low weight.

2. smps has a higher output range.

3. This emits very little heat. Depends on its capacity.

4. It is light and small.

Disadvantages of SMPS

1. The function of smps is very complex.

2. It has an output voltage.

3. Its work is difficult to understand.

4. It uses High Frequency Electrical Noise.

5. It works on the Step Down Regulator.

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