Social networking in our lives

Social networking in our lives: – In this post of today, we will give you Social Networking. By using social networks, you can share your ideas and thoughts with people.

Social networking
Social networking

like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn provides a mechanism to connect people together. If you do business Or do marketing. So Social Networking is a very big opportunity for you. So let’s see what is Social Networking.

What is Social Networking

Social Networking is a” Network of individuals “consisting of interpersonal relationships such as a friend, relative, customer and colleague. Which social media is a social networking service. In which you create your profile and connect with people. Communicate and exchange information.

This “Social Networks” helps you to connect with people and build social relationships. In today’s popular social sites Facebook, LinkedIn Twitter and Instagram.

These are such social networks. In which you create a virtual community and exchange online information among themselves.

Use of social networking

Social Networking is used by everyone for their purpose. An individual will use it for a different purpose. A business will use it to reach its customers.

People use social Networking sites to stay in contact with their friends. So that it can communicate among themselves. See image, video and post shared by each other.

Update from all events and information: You keep up to date on any kind of events or incidents happening in the world. You get to know all the things happening in the life of every person connected to your network.

Social media is also used for Entertainment. There are many such pages and channels in these plateform. Which you can add to your network.

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List of Popular Social Networking Sites

Social Networking SitesActive User/Month
Facebook2 billion
Youtube1.9 billion
Whatsapp1.5 billion
Messenger1.3 billion
WeChat1.06 billion
Instagram1 billion
TikTok500 million
Tumbler371 million
Reddit330 million
Twitter321 million
Skype300 million
Pinterest300 million
Quora300 million
LinkedIn260 million
Telegram200 million
Snapchat200 million
List of Popular Social Networking Sites

Benefits of Social Networking

1. Communication with each other across the world becomes very easy.

2. Instant messaging can be sent to anyone and you can get immediate reply

3. Social Networking provides us with Worldwide connectivity . You stay connected with your friends and family.

4. You can connect with many groups in social media.

Disadvantage of Social Networking

1. This is the most distracting thing to us while doing our work, study, and task. Social media.

2. Using more social networking promotes brain and personality disorder.

3. The use of social networks has increased so much that people, especially the young generation, are wasting most of their time on these sites.

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