Type of computer

Do you Know Type of computer All of you people use computers. Nowadays computers are available in all places. Such as schools, offices, home, etc.

In this post of today, we are going to tell you that Type of computer to know about this post of ours Must read till the end.

Type of computer
Type of computer

What is Computer?

A computer is a machine. To whom such programs are done. With which they can do many things. It takes our commands according to the input. Processes it and provides the results according to the output at the end.

Characteristics of computer

1. It responds to a specific set of instructions in a well-defined manner.

2. It execute a prerecorded list of instructions.

2. It execute a prerecorded list of instructions.

3. This enables a lot of store and retrieve data

What are the Type of computer

  • Based on Mechanism
    • Analog Computer
    • Digital Computer
    • Hybrid Computer
  • Based on Purpose
    • General Purpose Computer
    • Special Purpose Computer
  • Based on Size
    • Micro Computer
    • Workstation
    • Mini Computer
    • Mainframe Computer
    • Supercomputer

Based on mechanism based on function

1. Analog Computer

Analog Computer is called those computers. Those who use an analog signal to display information. It is also used to process analog data.

This analogue data is of continuous nature. Which are not discrete or separate. And these data contain temperature, pressure, speed weight, voltage, depth etc.

All information in it is in the form of continuous. They are displayed in the shape of curves. Which is used to measure continuous physical quantity (eg current flow, temperature, blood pressure, heart beats ) ; These are quantities continuous and have values ​​of an infinite variety.

It measures continuous changes in some physical quantity. Like Speedometer is used to measure the speed of a car.

Thermometer is used to measure the change of temperature, while the Weighing Machine is used to measure weight.

What are the applications of Analog Computers?

Analog computers are used in specialized engineering and scientific applications . So that it can calculate and measure analog quantities.

It is also used to control the process. For example, both flow and temperature measurements are important in oil refinery.

It is also used for paper making and chemical industry.

Analog computers do not require storage capability. Because it can compare measure and quantities in a single operation.

2. Digital Computers

Digital Computer shows by its name that it works with digits. Which represent numerals, letters or any other special symbols

Digital computers operate the input of ON OFF type and its output is also in the form of ON-OFF signal. In this ON is represented by a 1 and OFF is represented by a 0. Is done.

That is, digital computers process information according to the Attendance or absence of electrical signal or on binary 1 or 0 .

A digital computer is used to process numeric and non-numeric data. It can perform many arithmetic operations. Such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and logical operations.

Most computers are available nowadays. They are all digital computers. You definitely get to see accounting machines and calculators in them.

Digital computers provide more accurate results. in comparison to analog computers. But analog computers are much faster than digital.

To store information in Analog computers on memory . And the same digital computers have a memory to store information.

3. Hybrid Computers

hybrid computer is a combination of digital and analog computers . In this, the good features of both these types of computers have been interlinked. Which combine the speed of Analog Computer and the memory and accuracy of Digital Computer.

Hybrid computers are used in all those specialized applications. In which both types of data need to be processed. This helps the user immensely in processing both types of data (continuous and discrete).

Hybrid computers are also used in scientific calculations. It is a computer that is also able to understand binary and analog signals.

Based on Purpose) based on purpose

Computer is divided into two parts on the basis of Purpose Special Purpose and General Purpose.

1. General Purpose Computers

In today’s time, which computer is the most used. It is only General-Purpose computers. It was built to do a variety of processing jobs.

You can complete many tasks only by using a general purpose computer and a few different software. These are used in many such tasks as writing and editing (word processing), manipulating the facts in the data base, tracking manufacturing inventory, scientific calculations, and handling the security system of an organization.

It can store and execute different programs very easily in its internal storage. Hence it performs more variety operations.

2. Special Purpose Computers

Special-Purpose Computer is designed to perform a specific type of task. Most of the time, they are used to solve a particular problem. That’s why it is also called Dedicated Computers. Because it performs a single task over and over again.

Use of such computer system for satellite launch / tracking , oil exploration, traffic lights control system, graphic intensive video games, navigational system of an aircraft, weather forecasting, and automotive industries, time Used in a digital watch , or robot helicopter to take care of.

special purpose computer has many of the same features. Which are in a general purpose computer. But in this, the function of instructions is given more attention.

Which controls that is directly built into the computer, which makes it more efficient and also capable of doing very effective operation.

It is designed to do the same thing. So that he can do the same work properly.

It has a big drawback, it is not equal to versatility in it. Which means that it cannot be used in any other operations.

Based on Size

Computer can be divided into categories based on size.

1.Super Computer

This computer is multi-user, multiprocessor large computer. Which has very high efficiency and its storing capacity is also high.

This super computer has the ability to solve very difficult and complex problems. That too in nano seconds. Many RISC ( Reduced Instruction Set Computer ) processors have been used to make it.

Super computers are the fastest and most valuable computers. These computers are used to solute complex science and engineering problems.

Super computers use parallel processing. Which leads to the most processing, so many CPUs are used at the same time.

What are the applications of Supercomputer?

(i) It is used to forecast weather and global climates.
(ii) It is also used in military research and defense systems.
(iii) It is used in encrypting and decoding automobile, aircraft, sensitive intelligence information and designing spacecraft.
(iv) and is also used for encrypting and decoding sensitive intelligence information.
(v) It is also used in seismography, plasma and nuclear research.
(vi) Protein folding analysis is used.
(vii) DNA structure and gene engineering are used to study.
(viii) Used for digital film rendering.

2. Main frame Computer

Main frame means “ big iron “. It is just like Super Computer. But the main difference between these two is that a super computer uses all its raw power. That too for some tasks, while a main frame is used to do many tasks simultaneously.

Mainframe Computer has applications

(i) Used in Government and civilian.
(ii) Used to do credit card processing.
(iii) Used in the bank.
(iv) Used in marketing.
(V) Business is used in large organization to do data processing.
(vi) Used in Air traffic control system.
(vii) Used to design industrial.

3. Micro Computer

Micro Computer is growing rapidly and is a computer used in Comprehensive form. It is cheaper (cheaper) and lighter than all computers. It is also the smallest in size.

This type of computer has been developed for use in General Purpose like, Entertainment, Education, Home and Office etc. PCs, Notebooks, Laptops, PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants) etc are Micro Computer.

4. Work Station

This is a computer that is connected to any network. That is called the work station. It has been developed keeping in mind the business and professionals. This computer is more fast and efficient than Micro Computers.

5. Mini Computer

Mini computers are also called ‘Mid range computers’. They are used by small business installations. Mini computers have not been developed for single user. It is used by a company to do any work in one of its special departments

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