Types of operating system

Types of operating system In this post today, we are going to tell you how many types of the operating system are there. Friends, before this you must know what is the operating system.

Types of operating system
Types of operating system

Operating system is a type of software is the program. Which is located between the computer users and the computer. This application program and computer hardware .

If you do not know what the operating system is, then in this post of ours What is an operating system in hindi. Let’s see the Types of operating system

what is unix operating system?

Types of operating system

Main types of Operating System: –

  1.  Batch Operating System
  2.  Simple Batch Operating System
  3.  Multiprogramming Batch Operating System
  4.  Network Operating System
  5.  Multiprocessor Operating System
  6.  Distributed Operating System
  7. Time-Sharing Operating System
  8.  Real-Time Operating System

Batch Operating System

In earlier times, batch processing operating systems were used to overcome problems. Earlier systems took too much time to setup.

Reduced time to set up in batch processing systems. Jobs are processed in batches. This type of operating system is called batch processing operating system.

There are similar jobs in it. They are submitted to the CPU for processing. And run is done together. These jobs are executed automatically in a batch. And this is its main function.

i) Simple Batch System

This is the oldest system, there was no direct interaction between the user and the computer. In its system, the user had to bring any storage unit to process the task or job. He had to submit to the computer operator.

ii) MultiProgramming Batch Systems

Time Sharing system is also a part of Multiprogramming system. Response Time is less in Time Sharing System but CPU usage is more in Multi Programming.

Advantages of Batch Operating System:

1. By doing similar jobs in single batch, it takes very less time for the operator to setup the job.

2. Using the Automatic Job Sequencing Technique, the CPU idle time is also very less.

3. More than one user could share the batch system.

Disadvantages of Batch Operating System:

1. Once the job input was given, the user did not have any interaction with it.

2. When the process has to wait for Input / Output or any other event. The CPU idle becomes that much time, so that process takes longer to execute.

2) Network Operating System

The full form of NOS is the “Network Operating System”. This network operating system provides its services to those computers. Those connected to a network. Such as shared file access, shared applications, and printing capabilities.

NOS is a software that allows multiple computers to communicate simultaneously. And also allows to share files. And also allow other hardware devices.

In earlier times Microsoft Windows and Apple operating systems were not designed for a single computer usage and network usage. But as computer networks started to grow slowly and their usage also increased, and network operating systems started to develop as well.

3) Multiprocessor System

Too many Processors use a Common Physical Memory. Computing power is very fast. All these processors work under an operating system.

4) Distributed Operating System

The only purpose of using Distributed Operating System is that the world has a powerful operating system and microprocessor has become very cheap, as well as communication technology has improved a lot.

Because of this advancement, the Distributed operating system has now been created. It is very cheap and keeps the remote computer through the network. Which in itself is a big availability.

Advantages of Distributed Operating System

1) All the remote resources are easily used. Which resources are not empty.

2) Processing is very fast with these.

3) The load is less on the host machine. Because its load is too much to distribute.

5) Time Sharing Operating System

In this, some time is provided by the operating system to complete each task correctly. So that every single task can be completed correctly. In this, each user uses a single system. Which gives the CPU time. This system is also known as Multitasking system .

All the tasks in it are done with single user or multi user.

The amount of time it takes to complete each task is called quantum. Only after completing each task, the operating system then starts the next task.

Advantages of Time Sharing Operating System

Know about the advantages of time-sharing operating system.

1. In this, the operating system is given equal opportunity to complete every task.

2. It is not easy to have duplicasy of software in it. Which is non-existent.

3. This easily reduces CPU idle time.

Disadvantages of Time Sharing Operating System

Know about the disadvantages of time-sharing operating system.

  1. Issues of reliability are seen more in this.

2. It has security and integrity of everything.

3. There is a common problem in this, the issue of data communication.

4. Examples of time-sharing, operating system are: – Unix

6) Real-Time Operating System

This is the most Advance Operating System, which performs real-time processes. This means Missile, Railway Ticket Booking, Time to leave the satellite, even if the delay of a second is all in the water, then this Operating System does not remain idle at all.

These are of two types,

1. Hard Real-Time Operating System

This is the operating system. Which is the time within which the time to complete the task is given. Within that time, the work is finished.

2. Soft Real-Time

Time restriction is slightly less in Soft Real-Time. A Task is running in it and if another Task is tried at the same time, the first priority is given to the new Task.

What is the Client Operating System?

Computer desktop is a standalone computer processing unit. It is designed to perform automation tasks for people. A desktop computer is very unique because it does not require any networks or external components to operate.

This client operating system is mostly used in computer desktops or portable devices.

For example, Windows ® is most commonly used for client operating systems in recent times.

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