UPS full form – What is UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)

Do you know UPS full form – What is UPS and why it is used. If you are a computer user, then you probably know that UPS kya hai because it is mostly used in the computer. To know about UPS, read this post till the end. Let’s see that UPS full form – What is UPS

UPS full form - What is UPS
UPS full form – What is UPS

UPS for computer

UPS is more commonly used in computers. If the power goes out while working on the computer. And your computer shut down. Due to this unexpected power failure your data may be lost.

UPS full form

Full Form of UPS is Uninterruptible Power Supply
UPS full form

Meaning of UPS

UPS has meaning – Uninterruptible Power Supply. It is also known as Battery Backup.

What is UPS

UPS or Uninterruptible Power Supply is a power supply system. Which keeps the computer on for some time even when the main power fails.

For this, a battery is installed inside the UPS. Which provides electricity to the computer for short time (10 to 15 min) even when power outage or power goes out.

If a user is doing any work in the computer and gets sudden power cut . Then there can be problems like data loss and hardware damage of that computer.

But if you use UPS, then it provides battery backup for some time if the power goes out. In which you can safely shut down by saving your data in the computer.

UPS is a immediate power source for electrical equipment. This protects the computer from power failure. And protects the computer from these problems (eg voltage spike, surges, noise, and voltage fluctuations ).

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What is the work of UPS

Below are some of the Functions done by UPS.

1. The first work of UPS is on electronic devices such as PCs, Servers , and audio video devices have to provide battery backup at the time of main power cut.

2. Also protects Load or Electronic Devices from voltage surges and spikes. So there is no harm to your device.

3. Smoothes out the noisy power from the electric line.

4. Provides protection when your device is short-circuited.

5. If the input supply is turned off, the load continues to receive supply through the battery inside the UPS.

Types of UPS

The UPS system is divided into three varieties

  1. Single-conversion system
  2. Double-conversion system
  3. Multi-mode system

Single-conversion system

It is used for normal operation. Such as desktop computer. If the AC input supply exceeds its predefined limit, UPS uses its inverter to start taking current from the battery in it and disconnected the AC input supply to avoid damage.

UPS runs the computer in battery power till that time. As long as the AC input of the main source is not normal or there is no power left in the battery.

Which is the most used topology – standby and line-interactive

Standby UPS : – Do not switch electronic equipment to battery power till that time. Until it detects any problem.

Line-interactive UPS : – This input utility supplies power up to load after up and down-regulating the voltage.

Double-conversion system

Power is converted twice (twice) in this UPS system. In this, the input rectifier, AC power is first converted into DC power. And then feeds into that output inverter.

Then the output inverter converts this DC current to AC and supplies power to electronic equipment.

A double-conversion UPS processes the power continuously, that too twice.

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Multi-mode system

In this the features of single and double-conversion system are combined. Which greatly improves the efficiency and reliability of UPS.

Multi-mode UPS is used in devices that require high efficiency and protection. These are used more in the data center.

Basic Structure of UPS

There are five main parts of this UPS system:

  1. Rectifier
  2. Inverter
  3. Bypass
  4. Switch
  5. Battery

Rectifier : It converts the AC voltage from the main circuit to DC voltage. And it also charges the battery. Float maintains voltage.

Inverter : The function of this circuit is to accept the DC supply sent by the rectifier and convert it to AC supply. And it regulates and filters the AC current and gives the load.

Bypass : The circuit in the UPS directly produces AC power. In case of overload or fault, it automatically connects the load to the mains supply.

Switch : Circuit which switches the load received between the inverter output and the bypass output. That too according to their own requirement.

Battery : This is similar to its heart in any UPS system. It supplies you emergency power so that you can safely do your work after the power goes out.

India’s leading computer UPS manufacturer

  1. APC
  2. Microtek
  3. Artis UPS
  4. Zebronics
  5. Luminous UPS
  6. V-GUARD
  7. iBall Nirantar UPS
  8. Intex
  9. Circle Power backup

Benefits of UPS System

1. UPS provides continuity and continuation to the equipment connected to it even when power goes out.

2. Provides protection against all problems in electricity such as surges, spikes, dips and failure.

3. Internal system of electronic components could get clean power. Therefore, through the filter in UPS, power is refined and given to load.

4. An UPS protects devices from damage against light strikes in severe weather.

5.UPS detects fluctuations in the power supply and instantly changes the current through the switch as needed.

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